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Sign Without Contact – With DocuSign

Consistently digitalized workflow thanks to the DocuSign cloud solution and T-Systems

April 30 2020Nima Imani

Work efficiently, even from the home office

With the DocuSign cloud solution, documents can be electronically signed, processed, and sent. This makes the software a practical tool for companies, especially now in times of crisis, to be able to work efficiently and without contact from home. Even these uncertain times do not change the importance of signatures.

Say goodbye to mountains of files and paperwork forever

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Up until now, anyone requiring a signature from their business partner for documents such as contracts, quotations, or order confirmations usually relied on the tedious old paper form. First you have to print out the document, sign it and then send it by post to the recipient, who must countersign the document. This person also has to write their signature on the document and send it back again. 

It is also possible to print out the document, sign it, scan it, and then send it by fax or email to the countersignatory, who will repeat the same process. Both processes are complex and cost time, money, and large amounts of paper, as many contracts contain 20 or more pages. In addition, all participants must have a printer and scanner or fax machine. This makes things difficult when, like now, many employees are working from home.

Sign documents with a few clicks

The DocuSign cloud solution replaces pen and paper signatures. The software enables all parties involved to sign, edit, and send any type of document in a legally compliant manner. The software can be used with any end device, be it a PC or laptop, smartphone or tablet. The countersignatory receives a notification, puts their signature on the corresponding document with a few clicks, and sends it back. 

This not only shortens workflows and saves costs, it also brings transparency to business processes. The software also allows the documents to be archived digitally and thus saves space. This makes it easier to find information, as terms can be looked up easily using the search function.

Test DocuSign now free of charge and without obligation

With DocuSign the digital office becomes reality: discover the advantages in daily use and apply for a free DocuSign test account.

Easy to use

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Users only require an internet-capable end device, as the cloud solution works via the browser. No additional software needs to be installed. If desired, however, companies can integrate the solution into their existing systems, such as SAP, Salesforce, or Office 365. T-Systems is the German contract and service partner of DocuSign and supports companies with comprehensive consulting and implementation services. This makes T-Systems the only provider of an end-to-end solution in the field of electronic signatures. Use is also free of charge for recipients of the documents. 

Legal security guaranteed!

When using electronic signatures, it is particularly important that the highest level of IT and legal security is guaranteed. The DocuSign cloud solution meets all legal requirements, even for highly regulated industries and markets. T-Systems also has many years of expertise in the areas of corporate and IT security. All data are stored in cloud data centers based in Germany and remain within European jurisdiction.

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