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GeoComputing Group and T-Systems join forces

Agreement to accelerate innovations for seismic data processing and interpretation

October 08 2021

Improved seismic data processing and interpretation

T-Systems International GmbH (T-Systems) and GeoComputing Group (GCG) have signed an agreement to join forces in the offering of an innovative high performance service solution for the interpretation of seismic data. The offering combines GCG’s RiVA solution, a High Performance Computing (HPC) solution, with T-Systems’ global hosting & security services and data center footprint.

Partnerships offer best of both worlds

Digital data streams

GeoComputing Group, headquartered in Houston, Texas since 2004, is a leading vendor in highly specialized petrotechnical solutions, with expertise across the entire Exploration and Appraisal (E&P) lifecycle. They are unique in the industry as they provide expertise in infrastructure, science, data, and applications.

T-Systems with their global footprint, integrated end-to-end IT services solutions, and understanding of customer needs based on long-standing customer relationships in the oil & gas market, becomes GCG’s strategic integrator and innovation partner for RiVA as a service.

New service can realize a 15 % gain in efficiency for Geoscience staff

By joining forces, both parties can help oil & gas companies greatly improve seismic data processing and interpretation, whilst significantly reducing costs. The scalable and production-ready end-to-end RiVA as a service offers a performance up to three times higher than Public Cloud solutions and as such, can realize a 15 % gain in efficiency for Geoscience staff. The RiVA High Performance Compute environment is operated out of  T-Systems’ data centers, offering high security levels, but alternatively can be operated out of customers’ data centers as well.

As RiVA as a service provides improved performance, significantly reduces costs, accelerates the move to a Next Generation Cloud solution, and is based on an OPEX based business model which means that no pre-investments are required, the new service can offer concrete business value to any oil & gas company implementing it.

The partnership with GCG is an excellent fit with our strategic product portfolio for the Oil & Gas industry. Integrating the strength of GCG’s leading capabilities, especially Petro-tech Interpretation and production workflows, with our industry-specific know-how can bring significant value to our clients.

Alexander Junghanns, Head of Account and Sales Management Oil & Gas T-Systems

Collaboration combines T-Systems’ industry expertise and vast service portfolio with GeoComputing Group’s RiVA solution

“We’re excited to combine T-Systems’ industry expertise and vast service portfolio with our leading RiVA solution that offers the flexibility to work from home with performance compared to working from the office, that delivers a Cloud Service that supports and enhances Petro-tech workflows user experience and improves end-user satisfaction” said Jay Kirby, Vice President of Strategic Solutions GCG.

“Customers are looking for partners that do not just ‘sell’ a cloud on premise environment, but also provide scalable end-to-end services that can be enriched on demand with complementary service elements such as backup, data vault, recovery service components or other cyber security solutions. And that’s what this partnership with T-Systems will bring to the industry.” 

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