Oliver Weber in an interview

New projects for digital innovation presented

At EXPO 8 of Startup Autobahn, T-Systems presented innovative digital solutions with three start-ups.

July 08 2020

Startup Autobahn EXPO 8: completion of an innovation cycle

Together with the startups voiXen, Senseforce, and VISPA, T-Systems presented new digital innovations. The presentation was part of Expo Day 8 of the Open Innovation Platform Startup Autobahn powered by Plug and Play. This takes place regularly at the end of a 100-day innovation cycle. The event took place for the first time as a virtual event and provided the stage for over 30 new projects, implementations, and pilots.

“The sum of innovations is infinite”

Interview with Oliver Weber

In the interview: Oliver Weber, Senior Business Development Manager Automotive, T-Systems and Program Manager for Startup Autobahn

The projects, which were presented under the motto “The sum of innovations is infinite,” cover a variety of topics: from hydrogen distribution, to image analysis using artificial intelligence (AI) in the event of vehicle damage, air quality monitoring, autonomous driving safety applications, digital twins in production planning, and automotive parts made of sustainable materials.

As a corporate partner, T-Systems cooperated in the completed innovation cycle with three startups in the fields of artificial intelligence, sensor data analysis, and virtual collaboration.

Customer satisfaction with AI

Sarah Rickes from voiXen

When confronted with a product problem or concern, customers expect fast and friendly assistance. But how can satisfaction with customer service be increased? T-Systems worked together with the German startup voiXen in a pilot project. voiXen’s algorithms analyze customer service conversations with the help of artificial intelligence. With the results, operators can optimize call duration by up to five percent and training preparation by up to 75 percent. T-Systems is now integrating this quality assurance module into its solution portfolio for customer centers. Furthermore, voiXen operates its solution in Germany and is therefore subject to the General Data Protection Regulation and the Federal Data Protection Act. T-Systems’ customers thus receive a complete, data protection-compliant solution from a single source.

Predictive maintenance for your pocket

Mchael Breidenbruecker from Senseforce

When will a component fail? “Machine Service in a Pocket” from T-Systems answers this question with artificial intelligence. The solution developed by T-Systems and Senseforce displays important machine values and key figures on a mobile device. In the event of warnings or abnormalities, T-Systems provides the technical drawing and the service manual, thus helping to avoid production downtimes in the printing plant, for example. Senseforce connects the machines, transfers this data in a suitable format to the Open Telekom Cloud, and creates dashboards and reports that users can configure themselves. Thanks to the low-code tools of the Austrian start-up, even employees without programming skills can configure reports and interfaces. The AI analyzes the information in the cloud and makes the results available to users. Senseforce masters all common protocols and can be implemented quickly. Within two days the first machines are connected and can be evaluated. The solution will initially be introduced for customers from medium-sized companies.

Virtual creative spaces as the new normal

Sebastian Göbel from VISPA

In the course of companies’ conversion to remote working, it has become apparent that there is a noticeable lack of virtual creative spaces which enable experts, customers, and service providers to be creative while working from home. Many virtual alternatives to agile collaboration are exhausting and lack creativity. This is where VISPA comes in. In VISPA’s solution, participants become avatars, move around in virtual rooms, work together on whiteboards and present their ideas. Until now, each participant had to install VISPA on their computer. In a joint project with VISPA, T-Systems is now developing a solution for browser-based use. Programs and data come from the Open Telekom Cloud; users simply dial into the virtual workshop via a link. The offer should be on the market by the end of the year.

Innovation is the beginning of everything

Already in exchange with 250 startups

T-Systems has been a partner of “Startup Autobahn” since 2019. The Open Innovation Platform has set itself the task of bringing together corporations and young companies. And it paid off: T-Systems has already made contact with over 250 startups and developed numerous new customer solutions. The cooperation with the Israeli startup Ottopia for the “remote-controlled driving” of cars was presented with the Innovation Award at Startup Autobahn in 2019.

Continuing along the Startup Autobahn

T-Systems continues to drive at full throttle on the Startup Autobahn. At the next Expo Day we will once again be presenting innovative solutions for our customers in cooperation with startups. 

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