HBPO has completely outsourced its ICT environment. Thanks to its single-provider strategy, the automotive components manufacturer has been able to consolidate and harmonize its application landscape.

HBPO harmonizes ICT landscape

SAP servers, desktop PCs, the corporate network, telephony, application management: the automotive components supplier HBPO handed over responsibility for all key elements of its ICT infrastructure to T-Systems. The maker of front-end modules, with a portfolio that includes lighting, engine-cooling, and crash-management solutions, wanted to reduce the complexity of its systems, and lower the costs of operations and support.
“My chief goal is to transcend our current, fragmented view of individual components and move on to a holistic process view,” says Anja Sprenger, Director of Information Management at HBPO. Every year, the enterprise’s three plants in Mexico, plus 15 others around the world, deliver over three million complete modules for cars such as the VW Golf, BMW Mini and Porsche Cayenne directly to OEMs’ assembly lines. When an order for a particular module comes in, production kicks off less than five minutes later at one of HBPO’s facilities. Any longer, and the automobile industry’s precisely-timed processes come to a standstill.

Dynamic SAP hosting and a single network for all sites

After assuming responsibility for HBPO’s landscape, T-Systems created a new, future-proof ICT infrastructure with consolidated and harmonized SAP systems at its heart. The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary now provides Dynamic Hosting services for SAP applications employed for managing production in North America, Central America, Europe and Asia. Standardized service processes and clearly-defined SLAs ensure a high level of stability for virtualized SAP servers and other key components. What’s more, a central help desk handles employees’ queries related to telecommunications, the network and even Microsoft Office.
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More about HBPO customer reference

  • Manufacturer of front-end modules, i.e. complete lighting, engine-cooling, and crash-management systems
  • Production at 18 plants in North America, Central America, western and central Europe, and Asia
  • Delivery of components straight to OEMs’ production lines
  • Customers include VW, BMW, Porsche
  • OEM orders received hourly
  • Expanding its presence in China and other high-growth markets
  • The IT must support dynamic business growth
  • HBPO sought a comprehensive outsourcing agreement
  • Goal 1: Reduce complexity by consolidating and harmonizing applications such as SAP
  • Goal 2: Ensure a holistic view of complete processes
  • Goal 3: Lower costs for systems operation and support
  • Tight implementation and transformation timeframe for corporate network, server operations, application management, user helpdesk, and messaging system
  • Dynamic Hosting for SAP
  • Management of around 800 applications
  • Enhancing applications, e.g. upgrading the Catia CAD system to the 64-bit version
  • Modifications to EDI (electronic data interchange) system
  • Central helpdesk for fielding telecommunications, networking, and Office questions
  • Implementation and operation of a new corporate network based on MPLS
  • Migration from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook
  • Centralized monitoring of the entire ICT infrastructure
  • A benchmark clause ensures that HBPO will profit from future developments in technology and market prices
According to HPBO:
  • It is now possible for IT staff to co
  • Single-provider strategy greatly streamlined systems administration
  • Employees were relieved of routine tasks and can focus on core business
  • It is now possible for IT staff to concentrate on value-added and strategic tasks
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