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"We looked closely at cloud-application providers. Along with data protection and security considerations, OpenStack, which forms the basis of the Open Telekom Cloud, and Deutsche Telekom’s reputation played a decisive role in our choice."
Johannes Müller, Workpath CEO

Workpath GmbH: Using the public cloud to reach targets more efficiently and effectively

The content is frequently the same and in the end there’s always a target – that promptly gets buried by the hectic of daily operations. Performance management plays out according to a static framework at many companies. The results can be frustrating for all sides. “That’s why we consider this process completely obsolete,” says Johannes Müller, one of the founders and CEO of the start-up Workpath. “Many firms already know that target and performance management won’t work like that anymore. But unfortunately there was never true alternative for them.”

Target documentation and collaboration tool

This problem inspired the Munich-based entrepreneurs to come up with their own business idea. They developed a solution for companies that doesn’t simply document when targets have been met, but also functions as a collaborative tool. “Our toolbox can be used to define targets on the one hand, but on the other it can also make workflows more transparent, as well as increase employee inclusion and motivation,” says Müller. “Workpath stands for modern target and performance management that fulfills the requirements of the digital age: Efficiency, flexibility and transparency, rather than control, extra effort and static structures.”

Top priority: Data security and data protection

Workpath uses IT resources from the public cloud. The most important factors for the start-up while choosing a provider were data security and data protection. “German business clients demand the highest standards when it comes to security for cloud solutions. The combination of data protection, security, OpenStack and Deutsche Telekom’s strong reputation didn’t just convince us – it’s also proving decisive to a growing number of customers,” says Müller. So it comes as little surprise that Workpath ensured its hosting has taken place at certified German data centers from the first day of operations. This means all data processed by the start-up is saved in Germany and subject to strict German data protection laws.

Cooperation with Deutsche Telekom

From the very beginning, Workpath had an attractive cloud offering perfectly tailored to the needs of German companies. And that quickly proved advantageous: Workpath has gained thousands of users in a very short timeframe, including the employees of travel portal Trivago. This early success has encouraged the partners Workpath and Deutsche Telekom to expand their cooperation further. “We are currently exploring the possibility of a sales partnership,” says Dirk Holger Heidemann from Deutsche Telekom. “We’re convinced that Workpath would be interesting for many of our small and midsized clients.” Should that be the case, the start-up is perfectly prepared to grow its list of customers with the scalable IT resources from the Open Telekom Cloud.

More about Workpath GmbH

Traditional performance management tools are too cumbersome for modern companies. Workpath provides target and performance management from the cloud with a totally new approach: Firms use it like a collaboration tool to facilitate cooperation, make goals more transparent, boost efficiency and motivate employees. A solution based on the Open Telekom Cloud.
  • The Workpath founders sought a cloud-based solution for their target and performance management toolkit
  • Since their system processes personal data, potential customers expect the highest standards of data security and protection
  • This precluded US cloud providers for Workpath
  • Open Telekom Cloud based on OpenStack
  • Certified highly secure data centers located in Germany
  • Strict German data protection standards
  • Good reputation and trust among firms
  • Flexible IT resources, immediately scalable
  • The cloud solution from Deutsche Telekom provides high level of trust
  • Maximum availability
  • Flexibility thanks to OpenStack
  • Resources automatically tailored to changing business needs
  • Greater planning security for future endeavors like potential expansion in other European markets
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