A fully automated, scalable and centrally managed hospital IT forms the foundation for transparency and efficiency.

Billed by the half-tablet

Clinics worldwide are looking to streamline administrative processes and deliver truly outstanding patient care. Singapore-based Raffl es Medical Group (RMG) has grown by 60 percent since 2009. Today, its 19 organizational units run a central hospital and 103 multidisciplinary clinics, serving over two million patients and more than 9,000 corporate clients. As is standard practice in Singapore, RMG bills patients (or their employers) directly. The Group collaborates with 6,500 contractual partners and remunerates its 250 doctors in accordance with individual agreements.
As the Group has expanded at such a pace, it intended to implement a high-performance IT solution that would accelerate and simplify its administrative tasks – from generating new patient fi les to treatment, medication handling, and the settlement of medical fees. The Group has consolidated its network of structures and processes into a single solution, now employing a scalable ERP platform based on SAP software. SAP Business Objects has been incorporated to enhance operational data analysis, and SAP IS-H is used for patient management and billing. In addition, RMG leverages i.s.h.med, a solution that integrates electronic drugs prescription, preparation and administration – down to half-tablet doses – with materials management. As a result, the Group benefits from a centralized, automated remuneration system for its doctors and accelerated billing processes. At the same time, the system integrates digital caremanagement processes and data exchange with Medisave, Singapore’s national health savings program.


Requirements_ Since 2009, Singapore-based Raffles Medical Group (RMG) has grown rapidly – by some 60 percent. With each new phase of growth, the Group had added new information systems to serve various clinical, administration and technical departments – but wishes to further enhance the effi ciency of this infrastructure. The staff working at Raffl es Hospital and the Group’s 103 multi-disciplinary clinics requires a lean, integrated IT environment that would simplify communication and collaboration across departments. Furthermore, senior executives need a solution that would provide greater visibility into the organization’s business-critical data, allowing them to accelerate decision making and provide more effective corporate management. In line with its commitment to meeting ever-increasing demands for high-quality care, the Group aims to streamline its materials management system, putting it in a prime position to deliver consumables and medication to patients swiftly.
30 % reduction in administrative effort. The SAP system accelerates and simplifies administration processes for medical staff.
Benefits_ RMG has fully automated calculation and payment of doctors’ fees, and the billing of medication to patients. The same applies to materials handling – from single micro-doses of drugs to everyday clinical consumables. This made-to-measure IT solution, boasting an integrated system for logistics and financial management, leads to increased transparency. At the same time, collection management has been simplifi ed, while centralized IT operations optimize effective corporate management and control. Invoicing processes are completed 75 percent faster, while the error rate has been cut by ten percent. Similarly, fees can now be calculated more quickly. Administrative effort could be reduced by 30 percent, allowing medical staff to focus on delivering maximum standard patient care.


Requirements_ RMG’s IT infrastructure, which has grown continuously since the Group was founded in 1976, comprises a wide range of information systems that had been purchased or developed in-house. The Group is eager to increase its visibility into key data across this IT landscape, with the goal of enhancing its business processes and achieving maximum patient centricity. RMG requires interfaces that would allow it to automate the payment of doctors’ fees and the billing of medication, for example. And the solution is supposed to enable medical professionals to quickly aggregate and analyze clinical data for swifter decision making – supporting processes from the ward, to the administration, to the operating room.
Solution_ A new SAP environment, based on fi ve SAP applications, was implemented in just 12 months. This landscape’s fully automated processes bring transparency to all areas of the business. SAP Business Objects for enhancing data analysis is integrated into the platform, as is the IS-H solution for hospitals, and the i.s.h.med information system used for materials management. The new, industry-specific software employed for fi nancial and materials management is able to track medication from order placement to the patient.
IN SHORT: RMG boasts a lean, efficient infrastructure that supports automated processes and a centralized data repository. The scalable, centrally operated IT platform creates strong foundations for the Group’s further expansion.
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Raffles Medical Group
Headcount: 1,492
Headquarters: Singapore
Revenue 2014: 374.6 million Singapore Dollars