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Quite simply secure

Magenta Security Shield: The digital all-round protection for medium-sized businesses

To ensure that your security grows with your IT

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While your IT makes you more flexible and agile, it also makes you vulnerable. The Magenta Security Shield is the appropriate answer to current threat scenarios and offers you comprehensive security from a single source. Managed Services bundle the latest security solutions for smart defense against cyberattacks to protect your users, data and IT. We seal off all the potential entry points for hackers: Endpoints – such as clients and servers – email, networks, and internet. Our security specialists from the SOC identify your vulnerabilities and optimize your security level. Our services are future-proof and cloud-based: scalable, cost-effective, and easy to install.

Our security experts strengthen your defenses

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Medium-sized companies often do not have the time or expertise necessary to complete extensive security projects. The solution: SOC teams available to assist you around the clock. Our Cyber Defense Center will monitor your systems and software on an ongoing basis. We monitor in real time; a central dashboard transparently shows the status of your IT security. Our experts provide you with status reports and alert you immediately to attacks. If necessary, an incident response team can help ward off cyber attacks. And our experts will discuss with you on a monthly basis whether the features you are using still meet your requirements and are effective against the latest threats.

End-to-end cybersecurity

Managed Cyber Defense for SMEs

How quickly can your IT department respond to cyberattacks? Read about how you can best protect your company against attacks from hackers in this white paper.

Comprehensive security instead of just virus scanners

Our endpoint protection stands out compared to more conventional, file-based antivirus solutions, which offer less security than Magenta Security Shield’s process-based approach. Our endpoint security looks at and analyzes all active processes, dynamically adapts to the threat situation, and automatically detects new types of malware. Should something nevertheless happen, we launch incident response to allow security analysts to take comprehensive measures remotely. With traditional antivirus protection, on the other hand, response measures are often slow and cumbersome on many devices, which means that valuable time is lost when fighting an attack.

Cybersecurity at a new level

How quickly can your IT department identify and respond to a cyberattack? With the Magenta Security Shield, you are protected in real time - which means digital all-round security for your business success.

Complete package: making security easy

Our all-round digital protection consists of several components and combines effective security tools from leading manufacturers with the consulting expertise of our security experts and SOC teams.

Secure endpoints - protect all endpoints

Secure endpoints: We continuously monitor activity on all your servers and PCs.

  • The use of state-of-the-art products creates multi-level protective mechanisms.
  • Machine learning algorithms prevent malicious processes from running on endpoints in advance.
  • In the background, the solution collects a large amount of data, which analysts can use to determine both the gateway and propagation route in the event of attacks.
  • The central management platform facilitates various analyses and access control to the IT systems to prevent the attack spreading across the entire IT landscape.

Secure internet access - lock out threats from the network

Go online safely. This means that all your outgoing traffic to the internet and the cloud is protected end-to-end.

  • Internet access protection: All access to the internet is through secure gateways.
  • Fend off malware infections: the data stream is constantly checked for suspicious files and connections.
  • Combination of state-of-the-art functions: We offer a multi-layered approach consisting of virus protection, threat analysis, cloud mining, sandboxing, advanced persistent threats protection (APT) and much more.
  • Always up to date: the security mechanisms are updated directly in the cloud as soon as a new threat is detected.

Secure email - prevent email attacks

Our security cloud platform protects your email traffic from viruses, spam, and phishing.

  • The solution scans all incoming and outgoing emails.
  • It is easy to integrate, no additional hardware or software is required.
  • Sandboxing: before files reach users, they are analyzed for threat potential.
  • Our solution offers protection against the insertion of unknown malware (zero-day exploits, advanced persistent threats)
  • Virus outbreak detection: the solution searches for patterns in the email header and mail body based on heuristic analysis.

Vulnerability assessment

All software products - even those from well-known manufacturers – carry the risk of vulnerabilities, which can be exploited by hackers to access the systems.

  • Vulnerability scan: Among others, we check all patch levels of operating systems and standard applications, open ports, or configuration parameters.
  • The solution enables the evaluation of vulnerabilities based on criticality categories.
  • Clear dashboards and reports provide full visibility to current vulnerabilities, which serve as a basis for rectification plans and their efficient implementation.

Reports, consulting, and incident response

Recognizing and responding to cyberattacks: Our security specialists will assist you with their expertise and stand by your side in the event of a security incident.

  • The offer includes real-time monitoring and incident response as well as 24/7 alerts in the case of critical incidents.
  • All events on one dashboard: The customer portal provides you with an overview of the current security status.
  • The daily comprehensive and automated reporting ensures you're always up to date.
  • Regular advice: our security experts will discuss with you on a monthly basis whether the features you are using still meet your requirements and are effective against the latest cyber threats.
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