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Magenta Security Shield

All-round digital protection for your data and processes

The advantages of Magenta Security Shield to you

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Highest security standard

Illustration of a sphere with transverse lines, in front of it a protective shield.

End-to-end protection for your internet access

Illustration of a sphere with transverse lines, in front of it a protective shield.

Attack recognition and real-time response

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Monitoring and reporting for maximum transparency

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Competent advice from our security experts

Illustration of a sphere with transverse lines, in front of it a protective shield.

Cyber security insurance for full security

Take your cyber security to a completely new level

How quickly can your IT department respond to cyber attacks? With the Magenta Security Shield, you are protected in real time - which means digital all-round security for your business success.

Maximum security

Cyber Defense Center

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Our cyber security experts are based at Deutsche Telekom's Cyber Defense Center and monitor your systems and software with with their "eagle eyes" 24/7. Real-time monitoring and response as well as a central dashboard offer you maximum transparency regarding the status of your IT security. Status reports and notifications in the event of alarms round off the cyber security of your company.

Telekom Security Cloud


The central applications and services are placed in the Telekom Security Cloud. The software is pre-configured and ready for immediate use to detect, treat and counter all types of cyber attacks. This is also where all the monitoring data comes together, which is collected and analyzed by our cyber defense specialists and prepared in clear form using dashboards. We also fulfill the highest requirements when it comes to cloud security: Your data is protected at all times because it is processed in our own highly secure data centers in Germany.

Our security services at a glance

magenta security icons and their meaning

Intrusion detection

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Recognize attack patterns

Threat Intelligence from Telekom Security can detect all kinds of network anomalies.

  • Intrusion detection
  • Indicator of Compromise (IoC feed for firewalls)
  • Bulk head technology to quickly load and block new attack vectors in existing firewalls

Vulnerability scan

Graphics of a smartphone, a tablet, a monitor and a protective shield.

Eliminate vulnerabilities

Regular search for vulnerabilities in your system. Your level of security increases significantly and remains at such a high level.

  • Continuous scanning of networks and servers for new vulnerabilities
  • Visibility map of all devices

Endpoint Detection & Response

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Protect endpoints

Activity on all of your servers and PCs is continuously monitored.

  • Next generation anti-virus
  • Detection based on risk scoring
  • Anti-ransomware
  • Endpoint isolation in case of infection (quarantine)
  • Digital forensics
  • Automated countermeasures (auto-remediation)

Internet & Cloud Security

Graphic of a sphere with transverse lines, in front of it the graphic of a protective shield.

Go online safely

All of your traffic to the internet and the cloud is under constant protection.

  • Secure web gateway for the company network and mobile working

Reports, consulting and incident response

Graphic of a speech bubble in which the outlines of three people can be seen.

Recognize and react to cyber attacks

Our security specialists will assist you with their know-how in the event of a security incident and beyond.

  • Real-time monitoring and incident response 24/7
  • Managed cyber defense
  • Daily reporting
  • Monthly consultations
  • 20h incident response in the event of damage

Our cyber defense complete package

Protect the critical IT systems and sensitive data in your company. Contact us, we are here to help.

With the Magenta Security Shield, we help you to detect all attacks with our "eagle eyes" and thus raise your cyber security to a completely new level.

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Why choose T-Systems when it comes to cyber security?

Over 1,600 cyber security experts

20+ years of experience in cyber security

Holistic solutions from a single source

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