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Reinforcing defenses: Network Security

Taking a clear position on cybercriminals: How you can react more quickly to threats from the network using cyber security tools

Business risk posed by cybercriminality

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The Allianz Risk Barometer 2020 has meanwhile classed cyberattacks as the most important risk to business for companies around the world. Figures from Germany's Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) confirm this assessment: according to them, hackers attack with on average 322,000 malware versions. Every day! Over the past twelve months, the number of hacker attacks actually peaked at 470,000. Cybercriminals mercilessly use every weak-point in the IT infrastructure; they take advantage of any crisis situation. And the push towards digitalization triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic increases the size of the target in the economy. This means that companies need a managed infrastructure security for their information security to hold up with a triad of prevention, detection and reaction. They should also be rethinking their IT security concept: If all employees are able to access the company's resources from anywhere, IT security needs to be omnipresent and cannot just be limited to the company's location.  

This enables us to help companies protect their IT infrastructure

How secure is your infrastructure?

We are happy to work with you on developing a security concept for your networks and infrastructure. Simply call or write to us!

Our managed security services for your network security

When it comes to cybersecurity, for many it's the company's perimeter which first comes to mind, including preventative measures such as firewall software, anti-virus and anti-spam solutions. This is too simplistic, as most companies these days have a decentralized infrastructure, use public clouds such as AWS or Azure or private clouds. Centralized protection is therefore no longer sufficient. These services provide all-round protection for your network.

Internet Protect Pro: more carefree surfing

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The cloud transformation means that your employees need secure access to the internet and the cloud services available to them – from any location and using any device. We offer a standardized software-as-a-service solution with Internet Protect Pro for secure cloud access. The package includes the following IT security solutions: 

  • Advanced Threat Detection
  • Content Filters
  • Cloud Sandboxing
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware

The solution protects against known and unknown malicious code – even with the use of SSL encryption, upon request. Not only does Telekom provide the bundle, we also support you with the integration and ongoing operation.

DDoS Protection Services

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A DDoS attack can cause major damage, quickly paralyzing your entire internet connection and thus the connection to your customers, employees and cloud services. The good news: As one of the largest internet operators in the world, we already defend against DDoS attacks in the network before you become a victim. In addition to this, you can set up a permanent on-premises protective shield in front of your infrastructure.

APT Protection

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Is your company's business model based on specialist knowledge? If so, you could be a potential victim of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). Ever accidentally clicked on a web download on your computer (drive-by download) or opened the attachment of a harmless looking email? Then, before you know it, a hacker could be making their way into your company network. Standard firewall and anti-virus solutions do not protect against this because they only check the signature and not the content. With APT Protect Pro, we protect you against targeted and specialized attacks and also effectively block ransomware (encryption trojans). 

This is how it works: To protect your sensitive data and your IT, a secured hardware and software system (appliance) checks automated, suspicious data or codes which enter via email or download. To do this, the malware is executed and analyzed in a kind of bunker. The information on this ends up in the blacklist or white lists. This expands the knowledge base of the check routines. APT Protect Pro can be obtained from the cloud or as an on-premises solution. We can also host the latter from a dedicated high-security T-Systems data center. 

Comprehensive protection against known and unknown cyber attacks:

  • Solutions from the cloud or on-premises
  • Detection model based on virtual machines
  • Checking all ports from web downloads and emails
  • From the cloud with three cost-efficient performance packages
  • On premises with fixed bundles for data throughput, number of users, and features

Email protection

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Emails are the most common gateway for cyberattacks. When an email account is hacked, this puts your company and its sensitive customer and business data at risk. We support you with classic spam and virus protection. If you combine email protection with APT protection, you significantly increase your defenses. A sandbox protects companies against unknown forms of attack. 

Managed Firewall Service

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From the small company to the listed corporation, our managed firewall solutions offer protection against unauthorized access and segmentation of networks. This, for example, allows on-premises and cloud firewalls to be managed with standardized policies in one interface. For the on-premises variant, our IT security experts take on the management of the application firewall in their data center. Or our IT security specialists integrate the firewall into our own platform in our highly-secure data centers. We monitor your systems 24/7. 

If your security teams don't have enough capacity to stay informed about threats that appear from the network on a daily basis, or your IT department requires support with hacking attacks, then our Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) searches the internet and in-house networks for anomalies. To do this, our experts evaluate sources around the clock. The consolidated knowledge from our company's own early warning systems such as Honeypots and Telekom CERT flows into our security offerings – firstly into our management firewall services. 

Secure Web Gateways

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Do you want your employees to be able to access the internet with peace of mind? Then content filters, sandboxing virus protection and access controls are a must. Whether you would prefer your gateway to be in the traditional data center or operate it as a modern cloud architecture, we offer solutions to meet your needs.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention Service (IDS/IPS)

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An Intrusion-Detection & Prevention System (IDS/IPS) monitors your network or your network components. The goal: Detecting breaches of rules and cyberattacks on your IT systems and sometimes automatically fending them off. We are able to offer you this either as an on-premises solution in your infrastructure or as a cloud service. In connection with our SOC (Security Operations Center), this is part of an active cyber defense.


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We don't leave you in the lurch to deal with your challenges. Our experts support you – from the weak-point analysis through architecture to implementation and optimization in the ongoing operation. Our consulting services mean that your employees have their heads free for the day-to-day business. 

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