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PAC study: Cloud security

A new PAC study reveals why modern cloud infrastructures require new security concepts.

Cloud landscape at risk

The threat level is increasing and the cloud is becoming a more frequent target of cyberattacks. Despite this, only 31% of the companies surveyed pursue a security-first strategy. Read our new PAC study to find out where the fundamental deficits in safeguarding cloud environments currently lie, which technologies can close these security gaps, and how you can benefit from external expertise in the process.

Answers to the most important questions:

  • Where are blind spots to securing cloud environments?
  • How do IT infrastructure and security strategy correspond?
  • Which security technologies offer adequate protection?
  • How can companies strengthen their cloud security on a hierarchical level? 
  • Which security measures should companies outsource to external service providers? 


Screenshot of the cover and three first pages of the whitepaper: PAC study: Cloud security

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