Fabrikarbeiter, der 3D-Technologie nutzt
January 16 2024 | Intelligent Automation

Industrial metaverse: A universe of opportunities

The industrial metaverse can provide customers with an entirely new, immersive user experience.

IM-Automated-processing-of-SAP-changes (1)
December 08 2023 | Application Services

Automation: Checking 350 Parameters Every 5 Minutes

IT automation simplifies the management of SAP landscapes, reduces downtime, and operating costs.

Business team digital device technology connecting concept
November 20 2023 | Public Sector

Celebrating two decades of “digital governance”

Read about how T-Systems helped Generalitat de Catalunya successfully embrace digitalization over the past two decades.

Closeup female face with layer of polygon visuals
September 05 2023 | Artificial Intelligence

How do companies strike a balance with AI?

ChatGPT, hyperautomation, robotics – AI enables many innovations. But when dealing with AI, we need to think in a new way.

Close up portrait of software engineer working on a computer, line of code reflected in their glasses.
August 24 2023 | Application Services

How do SAP applications run faster and better?

Stable SAP landscapes and maximum performance are crucial for success. Why SAP Application Management is the basis.

Man and woman looking at a tablet. Pallets and boxes in the background.
June 21 2023 | Expert Talk

How do supply chains turn into Gordian knots?

We are linking the physical supply chain with the financial supply chain to increase resilience, automation, and value creation.

A brain made of polygons in a light bulb on a colorful circuit board
May 09 2023 | Cloud Services

Secure sovereign business automation for Europe

T-Systems and UiPath Partnership: Business automation based on European standards, such as GDPR.

pulse line from grass with water drops
April 17 2023 | Sustainability Services

Green at the touch of a button?

Wouldn't that be lovely. But we first need to understand where precisely we are when it comes to the subject of sustainability.

Women holding a tablet.
January 04 2023 | Quantum Computing

Fields of digital innovation: Blockchain, quantum, VR/AR

Explore less mature, newly emerging technologies that are considered important milestones of digital innovation.

January 03 2023 | Artificial Intelligence

AI and ML system solutions for digital innovation

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can be used to address many of the identified targets of digital innovation.

A finger is touching a display
December 02 2022 | Cloud Services

What are the ingredients of Digital Transformation?

We discuss the role of the public cloud, list the enabling technologies, and reveal insights from a far-reaching survey.   

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