Finger taps on virtual SAP symbol with additional icons next to it.
June 10 2024 | Manufacturing Industries

How do your business processes look in SAP S/4HANA?

The MAX4SAP process framework helps avoid risks and reduce costs associated with SAP S/4HANA migration.

 A man assembles a wooden cube – a tricky business, not unlike legally compliant AI
March 28 2024 | Artificial Intelligence

When do AI and compliance go together?

Companies can use generative AI in compliance with data protection regulations with the cloud. More on this in the expert blog.

Engineers design future cars in car factory
February 14 2024 | Data Intelligence

Catena-X anchors trust on T-Systems

T-Systems’ dedication to data spaces culminated into becoming the first provider for a critical Gaia-X effort.

Fabrikarbeiter, der 3D-Technologie nutzt
January 16 2024 | Intelligent Automation

Industrial metaverse: A universe of opportunities

The industrial metaverse can provide customers with an entirely new, immersive user experience.

A man holds a luminous globe with network structure
May 19 2023 | Security

NIS2 directive is the biggest thing since GDPR

What is NIS2, what companies does it apply to, how will it influence cybersecurity, and how should you approach it?

Businessmen sitting in a conference room.
January 18 2023 | Manufacturing Industries

SAP S/4HANA transformation on course for success

T-Systems is supporting the DLR in planning its time and resource-intensive ERP migration.

A man is roasting coffee on a large machine
October 12 2022 | Sustainability Services

What do coffee and sustainability have in common?

Read the story of our fictional coffee grower and learn how SAP technologies are creating sustainable supply chains.

Two hands hold digital ball which represents the globe
June 09 2022 | Sustainability Services

How do we sustainably shape supply chain networks?

Cross-sector data ecosystems and data transparency support OEMs or suppliers to comply with complex requirements.

Two people wearing gown and mask stand in a laboratory
March 14 2022 | Cloud Services

Cloud promotes digitalization in the pharma industry

How a global pharmaceutical corporation is accelerating its digital transformation by switching to Microsoft Azure.

Woman looking at her phone and smiling
February 11 2022 | Security

More security in digital marketing thanks to blockchain

Cybersecurity and data protection are coming into focus in the digital world. The blockchain supports digital marketing.

Industry Site from above
January 31 2022 | Security

What you need to know about Germany’s IT Security Act 2.0

Our Industrial and IoT Security expert answers the most frequently asked questions about the new IT Security Act 2.0.

blue lines give the illusion of a cube-shaped construct
January 13 2022 | Quantum Computing

What is the future of quantum computing?

Quantum computing is forging ahead – but what framework conditions are needed for companies to benefit from the technology?

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