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A woman holds a digital sphere in her hands
March 10 2022 | Digital

How are we preparing for a digital future?

If we take the right course in digitalization, the path will lead to a sustainable and promising future.

Woman holding a business presentation
March 08 2022 | Cloud Services

Fast-track your progress with AWS Immersion Days

Do you need to get to grips with an AWS service? Are you short on time and would welcome a guiding hand?

Two Hands on a laptop typing with a digital cloud with a security sign inside.
March 03 2022 | Security

The rise of SASE

What is SASE, what’s behind the boom in the market, and how is it helping to simplify security?

Mobile phone with WLAN symbol in the middle as well as many other functions
February 16 2022 | Cloud Services

The route to sovereignty

What is the meaning behind the buzzword – and what significance does sovereignty have for digitalization?

Half of the picture is a green forest next to a big city from above
February 15 2022 | Digital

Why Gen Z is vital to Your Sustainability

For a green and sustainable future, we need to hear the voices of Generation Z in every boardroom.

Woman looking at her phone and smiling
February 11 2022 | Digital

More security in digital marketing thanks to blockchain

Cybersecurity and data protection are coming into focus in the digital world. The blockchain supports digital marketing.

One hand holds a smartphone showing a shopping cart, in the background are supermarket shelves
February 08 2022 | Digital

How digitization is changing retail

Digital marketing is increasingly being used in retail. AR and Digital Signage Equip Retailers for the New Shopping.

Male hand touching a holographic screen
January 31 2022 | Digital

How to keep your digital dream afloat

70% of digital transformation projects fail. How can CIOs and CTOs prevent their ambitions from sinking?

Industry Site from above
January 31 2022 | Security

What you need to know about Germany’s IT Security Act 2.0

Our Industrial and IoT Security expert answers the most frequently asked questions about the new IT Security Act 2.0.

A man walking through a parking garage
January 26 2022 | Automotive

The search for a parking space made easy through digitalization

This is how smart parking solutions and in-car sensors make traffic more efficient, safe, and sustainable.

numerous different icons such as the recycle and wifi sign with a hand using a phone in the background
January 24 2022 | Filter Labels

Managed EKS Service solves Kubernetes challenges

Using AWS as the foundation for your Kubernetes application workloads (K8s), T-Systems launches managed EKS service.  

Woman holding smartphone with heart symbols coming out of it
January 20 2022 | Digital

Find authentic digital brand ambassadors

How companies respond faster to market needs and create more personalized customer experiences.

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