Digital cloud world
June 08 2023 | Security

How does microsegmentation work?

What is microsegmentation, and how does it protect your enterprise from malicious activity and cyber threats?

Menschenfinger und Roboterfinger
May 26 2023 | Artificial Intelligence

Using generative AI on the path to business success

T-Systems supports you on your path to innovative AI applications like ChatGPT. 

 Luftaufnahme einer Menschenmenge mit einer Wolke
May 22 2023 | Cloud Services

Databases? Off to the Cloud!

With tangible advantages, database migration offers the strongest cloud ROI. Learn why.

A man holds a luminous globe with network structure
May 19 2023 | Security

NIS2 directive is the biggest thing since GDPR

What is NIS2, what companies does it apply to, how will it influence cybersecurity, and how should you approach it?

Innovation chart
May 15 2023 | Cloud Services

AWS Control Tower: The revolution for landing zones

Simplified services, specific customizations, supporting options – how to professionalize AWS usage!

business people point at digital security lock
May 11 2023 | Security

How compliance is more than just avoiding fines

Why must businesses focus on cybersecurity and compliance together, and how compliance can turn into an advantage.

Men looking at a display
May 10 2023 | Application Services

SAP S/4HANA secures future business success

How companies command their business strengths and future challenges by taking the optimal route to SAP S/4HANA.

Friends doing a home workout
May 02 2023 | Artificial Intelligence

Your AI Health Coach in the metaverse

A sedentary lifestyle is linked to many health problems. Learn about MagMoves and join us on a journey to better health.

Mann vor Computer - AWS
April 28 2023 | Cloud Services

External Key Management for AWS

Holding the keys to secure enterprises in the near future with External Key Management (EKM) – our blog post explains how it works.

April 25 2023 | Sustainability Services

Can AI enable sustainability for public transport?

Driver-less automated buses could help relieve the emissions pressure and make travel cost-effective.

Ein Baum umzingelt von Gebäuden
April 25 2023 | Sustainability Services

Are sustainable buildings just a fairy tale?

As one of the biggest drivers of CO2 emissions, it´s time to rethink and seize opportunities with green IT and mindset.

Display pops up on the warning triangle labeled Malware.
April 24 2023 | Application Value Management

Did you know about container security gaps?

Explore how various container vulnerability scanners can be used for Docker local images.

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