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Person with hooded jumper sits in front of a laptop and hacks into the system
January 17 2022 | Security

Stay on the trail of hackers with AI

Is your IT being abused as a botnet? Are digital identities being stolen? How AI detects and stops such attacks.

blue lines give the illusion of a cube-shaped construct
January 13 2022 | Digital

What is the future of quantum computing?

Quantum computing is forging ahead – but what framework conditions are needed for companies to benefit from the technology?

Meetingroom with a person participating digital
January 04 2022 | Cloud Services

A contact center solution for the new normal

As we continue to adapt to new ways of working in the pandemic era, more contact centers are adopting Amazon Connect.

NFC mug
December 21 2021 | Digital

Bring innovative ideas to life

Our Virtual Innovation Center helps companies to adapt to technological trends and develop new ideas.

Woman in an office looking at a tablet
December 20 2021 | Cloud Services

A whistle-stop tour of AWS re:Invent 2021

Get the inside track on Amazon Web Services’ announcements at its global conference for the cloud computing community.

A digital window with a large warning sign and the label "Malware"
December 17 2021 | Security

The building blocks of cyber security, perfectly combined

This is how mid-sized companies can close off the most frequent points of entry to hackers and protect endpoints, email, network, and the internet.

Tablet with different technical icons
December 14 2021 | Digital

AI-supported SAP automation

AI tools monitor in real time more than 350 parameters that are crucial for smooth SAP operation.

Three Smileys: Sad, Neutral and Happy. A Women pointing at the Happy Smiley.
December 14 2021 | Cloud Services

How Customer Experience Drives Your Success

Why good customer experience is key to being successful as a company, and how you can achieve it by digitalization and the cloud.

Robot hand on piano keys
December 09 2021 | Digital

How do humanity and AI merge to create masterpieces?

The interaction between humans and AI is a decisive factor in whether sustainable AI projects are possible today and in the future.

The words ‘edge computing’ in a circle as a display notification
December 06 2021 | Cloud Services

Edge, cloud or both?

AI and operational technology: this combination facilitates the interpretation of cloud, server and edge data in real time.

Woman walking through a factory building holding a notebook
December 03 2021 | Security

Operational technology in crosshair

What can be done about the additional points of entry made possible through remote access points?

Very fast train in a futuristic design
December 01 2021 | Digital

What trends are influencing the rail sector?

Covid-19 has hugely impacted the rail industry, but what other factors are driving change, and how is it responding?

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