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Woman in protective suit films beehive
May 17 2022 | Digital

How we can use AI to better protect the bees

It's not just virtual hives that benefit from digital image recognition: it can be used in many industries.

Grüne Fußabdrücke auf den Stufen symbolisieren den Kohlenstoff-Fußabdruck.
May 09 2022 | Sustainability

Walking the green talk

Sustainability is on everyone’s bucket list, but how does one go about implementing it in one’s business? Here is how T-Systems is doing it.

Person holding a tablet with a customer review showing s smiley face in green
May 03 2022 | Digital

Customer experience; what truly matters to customers?

What makes a superb customer experience (CX), what turns customers off, and how can you create a winning CX strategy?

A man is sitting in front of a laptop on which codes can be seen. He points to the screen.
April 28 2022 | Security

Docker Bench Security FAQs

Read our frequently asked questions on how to harden your Docker host and improve security by running Docker Bench.

Bird's-eye view of illuminated streets
April 22 2022 | Cloud Services

Guidelines for a successful cloud strategy

How strategic guidelines ensure efficient operation of your cloud platform and your business success.

eCargo Plane which is getting loaded
March 15 2022 | Digital

Six growing trends in the CEP industry

What does the future look like for the courier, express and parcel sector?

Two people wearing gown and mask stand in a laboratory
March 14 2022 | Cloud Services

Cloud promotes digitalization in the pharma industry

How a global pharmaceutical corporation is accelerating its digital transformation by switching to Microsoft Azure.

Man uses tablet in a stadium
March 11 2022 | Cloud Services

Always on the ball with digitalization

This is how Microsoft Azure clears the way for a football club to achieve new digital business models and more innovation.

A woman holds a digital sphere in her hands
March 10 2022 | Digital

How are we preparing for a digital future?

If we take the right course in digitalization, the path will lead to a sustainable and promising future.

Woman holding a business presentation
March 08 2022 | Cloud Services

Fast-track your progress with AWS Immersion Days

Do you need to get to grips with an AWS service? Are you short on time and would welcome a guiding hand?

Two Hands on a laptop typing with a digital cloud with a security sign inside.
March 03 2022 | Security

The rise of SASE

What is SASE, what’s behind the boom in the market, and how is it helping to simplify security?

Mobile phone with WLAN symbol in the middle as well as many other functions
February 16 2022 | Cloud Services

The route to sovereignty

What is the meaning behind the buzzword – and what significance does sovereignty have for digitalization?

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