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Security expert on demand 
Information Security Skills top the charts as the #1 on the scarce skills list in SA. 
What happens if your business gets hacked? Is it possible to manage the complexity and inter-dependencies of Cyber Security? What is your responsiveness and resiliency post attack and breach?
For more information on our offering, download our brochure "Security Expert on Demand"
Cyber Security Awareness and Phishing Simulation
90% Cybersecurity attacks start with phishing. In this digital age it is becoming increasingly difficult not to fall prey to a phishing attack.
For more information on our offering, download our brochure"Cyber Security Awareness and Phishing Simulation"
40% of most corporate’s infrastructure is considered as non-critical load. Operating from a lowest cost in the market as a self-service platform with no contracts. A public cloud platform where data resides in country.
For more information on our offering, download our brochure"M2Cloud"
Web Security Services (WSS)
How do you protect your organisation from advanced threats hidden in encrypted traffic or from malware targeting web users?
For more information on our offering, download our brochure"Web Security Services (WSS)"
Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)
To increase agility and enhance support for cloud applications, 60% of enterprises will have implemented SD-WAN by 2024.
Gartner 2019
For more information on our offering, download our brochure"Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)"
Expert on Demand
Strategic Talent Sourcing & Recruitment. T-Systems professional services
specialise in the placement of IT and non IT resources.
For more information on our offering, download our brochure"Expert on Demand"