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Profoundly change the way our customers connect

For fast and secure access to data and applications from anywhere

Network solutions for every application

Connections you can count on, today and in the future. After all, what is the use of technically demanding applications such as video when data is not transferred with speed and stability? And how much use is there in cloud services without security? Customized connectivity is a core success factor for digitalization and business success.

Stratetic Planning Assumptions


of enterprises will have implemented SD-WAN by 2024, up from less than 20% today.¹

> 60%

of data center networking operational activities will be automated by 2023, up from 30% today.¹

≤ 40%

salary premium by 2023 for I&O staff with automation skills, versus less

than 10% today.¹


of organizations by 2022 will still not know the connectivity requirements of all the IoT devices accessing their applications.¹

¹ Gartner, 2019 Strategic Roadmap for Networking

T-Systems profoundly changes the way our customers connect

IT needs to be applied in business to stimulate business growth or it needs to be in support of current business requirements and aspirations, quite often it needs to do both. 

T-Systems therefore put our customer’s business considerations, short-term and long-term, first and foremost in how we apply technology as an integrated instrument to resolve business requirements.

Our connectivity solutions are tailored to suit varying business requirements irrespective of size and complexity.

To our strategy

Network and communication solutions for all requirements

We look forward to your project!

We profoundly change the way our customer connect – Let’s connect.

As companies in South Africa embrace cloud computing, the success of these initiatives is largely dependent on the company’s networking infrastructure and capabilities. Put simply, if you cannot access a business-critical application or information housed in the cloud, it detracts from the benefits that cloud offers.

Hein Witte, Specialised Sales Executive -  TC, T-Systems South Africa

Rely on tried and tested know-how and continuous innovation

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  • Security and Network in a single device 
  • Simulated end-user experience management
  • Application performance guarantee (end-to-end SLA per site)
  • Offer Best Cost/Performance alternatives to achieve value for money – e.g. limit out-of-bundle charges
  • Supplier Agnostic:  Many carrier mediums and technologies with variable contract options 
  • SD-WAN implementation experience

More about SD-WAN

This is how we can support you

T-Systems has positioned ourselves, aligned to our value statement, “Let’s power higher performance”, to commit to your business outcomes. Our proposed partner-based solutions and services are aimed to strengthen your success:

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  • With the help of our security, cloud, and digitalization experts, we adapt your networks exactly to your business needs.
  • We supply end-to-end managed solutions, so you can concentrate on your core business.
  • We manage over 1300 customer network locations in South Africa, primarily based on SD-WAN.
  • We not only supply networks, we also provide complete communication solutions for PABX in the cloud, collaboration, and remote working.
  • Our service is available nationally and into global locations.

Connectivity for industries & markets

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Connectivity, digital, infrastructure, and security: together, they form the basis for successful digital transformation.

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