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Digital Health Innovation

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Virtualize the delivery of Healthcare Services

Innovation and modernization have placed the patient as a key stakeholder in the quality and efficiency of their healthcare service delivery. Revenue performance, mobility, a remote workforce and regulations place increasing pressure on an organization to meet world-class standards of operations. T-Systems is your partner for connected virtualized healthcare and supports you in meeting digital requirements – from e-health solutions, infrastructure, connectivity to cyber security for any healthcare business.

Digital Healthcare … Lowering your Total Cost of Ownership

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Healthcare IT costs continue to rise year after year and are a considerable CapEx spend and place a burden on OpEx to ensure safe, secure, reliable, efficient digitization of business processes.

T-Systems supports IT operating models that reduce the burden on IT spend whilst providing comprehensive end-to-end services to optimize your digital health strategy. The goal is to continue to ensure quality and affordability in the healthcare system now and in the future.

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Innovative Digital Solutions

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Digitalization optimizes all areas of the healthcare ecosystem. Most healthcare IT vendors focus on niche solutions that are a segment of the end-to-end technology needs in a healthcare business. T-Systems have invested in ensuring we provide not only powerful e-health solutions but digital health solutions that are rich in functionality, portable, scalable, smart, collaborative, connected and in-context. Our innovative solutions deliver healthcare throughout the patient journey and also extend to tele-health and home healthcare services. We ensure digital and infrastructure solutions and services meet best practice standards in functionality, connectivity, security and patient centricity.

Connected Healthcare

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