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Clever in the cloud

With its cloud solutions, T-Systems is building the digital infrastructure of the future

Data future in the cloud

Data is increasingly being stored on the internet. In the future, data centers and server farms will process more data than local devices. So it’s high time to build your own IT infrastructure, based on cloud services. The cloud is flexible, scalable, and saves costs. Whether public, private, or hybrid – T-Systems designs, transforms, and operates a wide variety of cloud solutions for every need. Our successful references prove it works.

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A solution for remote work in just two weeks

For an internationally operating consumer goods enterprise, T-Systems developed a solution based on public cloud services.
A virtual graphic of the cloud, from which lines depart on a world map.

Becoming a digital city with Park and Joy

Park and Joy plays a key role for the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in its “Verkehr 4.0” (Traffic 4.0) strategy.
Virtual representation of a cloud, surrounded by binary codes.

Aethra: Migration to Microsoft Azure

Through the migration to Microsoft Azure, Aethra has lowered its operating costs by 60 percent and improved its performance by 30 percent.
A hand draws diagrams on a virtual interface screen. Improving growth with the cloud

Expand IT with flexibly scalable resources: has succeeded in doing this, with the Open Telekom Cloud.
Virtual depiction of a clock.

New data center in 30 hours

How to scale performance on demand using VMware Cloud on AWS.
Zahlreiche Passanten laufen über einen Platz mit hellen Linien

Continental relies on the hybrid cloud

Continental is making the move to the hybrid cloud with T-Systems, thereby increasing its innovative strength.
Motorway junction at night from above with many lights

Globally connected vehicles

T-Systems and Daimler are driving digitalization in the automotive industry with the COMAND Online multimedia system.
Man sits in front of two computer screens on which a car can be seen taking a curve

Mercedes me: connected with the car

How Daimler's digital service platform enhances the driving experience and customer loyalty with T-Systems solutions.
Blick von unten auf die Rheinkniebrücke in Düsseldorf bei Nacht


World’s second largest payroll instance successfully implemented on SAP HANA®.
Beekeeper in protective clothing working on a beehive amidst a meadow

Digital beehive in the cloud

A monitoring sensor system in the beehive detects diseases in the bee colony at an early stage. How IoT and cloud technology promote species protection.
Factory worker scans goods and checks on tablet

Success story of Zuellig Pharma – behind the scenes

Zuellig Pharma now has the biggest SAP HANA® installation on a public cloud in Southeast Asia – with 1 million SAPS and more than 10,000 users.
A woman dressed in black passes a kiosk, in which several customers are present.

Valora: New business models through the private cloud

The private cloud serves as a solid foundation for shopping and the customer experience.

Best practice: cloud technologies

From private to multi-cloud: modern cloud technologies streamline IT infrastructures. Our customer magazine Best Practice offers insights into successful examples of application from across various industries.

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