Mobile security: Permanent ECG for smartphones

Mar 17, 2016

With Mobile Protect Pro, Deutsche Telekom will be launching a totally new and simply security solution for smartphones on the European market in the first half of 2016, offering mobile security for businesses.
Stagefright, the mother of all Android security threats, is just the tip of the iceberg. Mobile malware sends expensive text messages to expensive toll numbers, generates clandestine audio or video recordings (like Stagefright, for example), or forwards the victim's device data. Hackers are increasingly training their sights on smartphones and tablet PCs. That is because they are real treasure troves of business-critical information and, when used for work, open the door to corporate applications. Many companies are underestimating these risks and are failing to adequately protect their employees' devices. "Digitization only works with proper security – whether it is infrastructure, applications, the device, the cloud or Internet of Things solutions," said Dr. Ferri Abolhassan, Managing Director at T-Systems of the IT Division and Telekom Security, at CeBIT 2016.

All-round protection for mobile security

As part of the Magenta Security portfolio, Mobile Protect Pro, the new mobile security solution, provides businesses of all sizes with all-round protection for mobile devices running Android or iOS.
"Mobile Protect Pro marks the beginning of a new era in mobile security. While we cannot prevent every cyber-attack, we can provide the customer with the best-possible protection. Mobile Protect Pro works like a permanent ECG by constantly scanning for threats and taking countermeasures much faster than previous solutions," says Abolhassan. In addition to protecting mobile devices, Mobile Protect Pro offers more security against WiFi-based and other wireless attacks as well as other weaknesses in mobile operating systems.

Self-learning software

Mobile Protect Pro was developed by Zimperium. It runs as an app on the device itself and is smart. That is because the solutions is based, among other things, on a self-learning algorithm that identifies even unknown risks by analyzing thousands of operating system parameters in real time. These also include so-called zero-day exploits that take advantage of previously unknown security gaps. This enables companies to immediately shut out compromised devices from their networks as necessary in the case of threats. Affected devices send an alarm to the system's control center, along with forensic data that can support detailed analysis of the attack.

Automatic access block

Additional responses to threats, such as user notifications or other messages and countermeasures via mobile device management, can be defined individually. "At the same time, the combination of mobile device management and device-based attack detection enables automatic termination of access to company data by an infected device. This functionality is currently not available in any other product," as Abolhassan explains.

Available from summer 2016

The new solution hardly affects networks' round-trip time in any detectable way. "As of April, Mobile Protect Pro" will become available for selected pilot customers free of charge. In summer 2016, it will then become available to business customers for their regular operations. "We also make security simple in terms of the price: The solution will cost small business customers just a few euros per user and month. And in Germany it will be available only from Deutsche Telekom," said Abolhassan at CeBIT 2016.