Zero Outage: Industry 4.0 requires error-free IT

Mar 18, 2015

TÜV certification
T-Systems' Zero Outage program is proven to raise the quality of IT systems. This not only prevents financial losses, but also minimizes risk to life and limb. Now, the zero-error strategy has been certified by TÜV Rheinland.
The Zero Outage program has made the IT industry set its sights on error-free operations, which makes it particularly important to Dr. Ferri Abolhassan. "Fully connected value chains such as those found in Industry 4.0 require absolutely stable ICT operations. The risks involved are not limited to economic risks in the form of ultra-costly downtime; they can also include risks to life and limb. Our strategy is therefore 'Zero Outage'," explained the Head of T-Systems' IT Division. The success of Industry 4.0 also depends to a significant extent on the quality of IT systems.

TÜV Rheinland certifies that downtimes are greatly reduced

In early 2015, TÜV Rheinland gave the Zero Outage program an entirely positive report. "Along with security, the company's quality-assurance procedures offer T-Systems' customers true added value, since they're aimed directly at eliminating downtime in customers' systems," explained Michael Weppler, Executive Vice President Systems at TÜV Rheinland AG. Prior to this, five independent auditors thoroughly checked the quality campaign and its many different measures.
Since the introduction of these measures in the form of the Zero Outage program four years ago, the numbers of major incidents in operation of customer systems have dropped by 95 percent, to a total of 18 throughout all of 2014. 20 of the 25 largest customers had no IT downtimes at all, regardless of whether the customers' services are provided from T-Systems' private cloud, or individually.

TRI*M customer satisfaction index shows a Top 10 ranking

"Given that the pace of business digitization keeps picking up, we need to get as close to a 100 percent error-free service for our customers as we can," said Ferri Abolhassan. T-Systems' ultra-reliable twin-core data centers therefore provide operational reliability of 99.999 percent.
Customer satisfaction is correspondingly high: With a TRI*M-Index of 84, T-Systems is now being placed by customers in the top 10 percent of IT services providers in Europe.