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July 28 2021

What is a Chief Tomorrow Officer?

The best way to predict the future is to invent it! That is why we at T-Systems listen to those to whom the #Future belongs. We listen to the #QuestionsForTomorrow that #GenZ are interested in and together we solve these questions to get ready for our Future. Find out more about the CTO Questions in this video.

What does a Chief Tomorrow Officer do?

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Chief Tomorrow Officer is not a job in the traditional sense – we use it to describe a new generation of leaders who are positive, forward-thinking, and exert influence across divisions in the company. The job of a Chief Tomorrow Officer is to encourage employees to find new solutions by asking pressing and challenging questions. These questions have short-term relevance, but also lead to long-term change.

We believe in people who ask big questions that have the power to unlock the potential of the future.

Are you Gen Z and do you want to become a Chief Tomorrow Officer?

Then you've come to the right place! In this section you will find all the information how to become a Chief Tomorrow Officer. 

Also, be part of our Tomorrow Board community and join fellow Gen Z to challenge the status quo and to share your views about the future@Deutsche Telekom. 

Useful skills

  • Passionate about technology and innovative IT solutions
  • You love learning new things
  • You enjoy tackling problems in a sustainable way – by meaningfully involving others in the process
  • You are optimistic and pragmatic
  • You have a creative #questionfortomorrow that you are passionate about (can be about anything)
  • You are a networker and inspire others to break new ground with you

Top skills

  • Leadership
  • Communication and sharing
  • Critical thinking
  • Teamwork

Chief Tomorrow Officer selection phases

What to expect after submitting your application?

After submitting your application with your #QuestionForTomorrow, we go through 4-phases to ensure we select the best leaders for tomorrow in our Chief Tomorrow Officer Program. Your #QuestionForTomorrow should be related to one of Deutsche Telekom working areas such as:

  • Sustainability
  • Digitalization
  • Cloud services and solutions
  • Blockchain technologies
  • Metaverse and Digital Twin
  • Solutions for E-healthcare
  • Public transport and automotive solution

We're hiring


After applying, you will go through these 4 phases

Our CTOs Questions for Tomorrow

Businessman and woman sitting in front of green plant wall, using laptop

Green your office space with ‘Green it!’

Get a sneak peek of our up-and-coming green application to reduce your office building’s environmental impact quickly.

Friends doing a home workout

Your AI Health Coach in the metaverse

A sedentary lifestyle is linked to many health problems. Learn about MagMoves and join us on a journey to better health.

Ein Baum umzingelt von Gebäuden

Are sustainable buildings just a fairy tale?

As one of the biggest drivers of CO2 emissions, it´s time to rethink and seize opportunities with green IT and mindset.


Emotional Sustainability in The Workplace

Corporate sustainability is not just about being green. So, what should the workplace of the future look like?

Three people sitting at a table smiling.

Intrapreneurs fuel Organizations

In 2022, companies are operating in a highly competitive climate.  However, rather than developing new ideas and expanding into new industries, organizations are concentrating on their present areas of expertise.

A highway by night, photographed frpm above

Benefits of the Economy of Things

Combining the Blockchain Technology with IoT offers a lot of opportunities in the mobility sector.

A man looks at a laptop and smiles

Career entry via the metaverse?

While companies are fighting for suitable talent, the upcoming generation does not know what will await them on the job market, what they can expect, and what is required. How can these two problems be approached and solved together?

Group picture at the JSC

On Their Bikes at the Jülich Research Center

Who are our Chief Tomorrow Officers, and why were they cycling around one of Europe’s biggest science centers?   

Person holding a tablet with a customer review showing s smiley face in green

Customer experience; what truly matters to customers?

What makes a superb customer experience (CX), what turns customers off, and how can you create a winning CX strategy?

Set up your Chief Tomorrow Officer Program!

Get your company ready for Gen Z and their #questionfortomorrow! We can help you to establish your Chief Tomorrow Officer program and build a community of Gen Z that helps your company to become futureproof. The right time to start is NOW.

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