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How companies turn their data into gold

With data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI): What companies can get out of their data

Using AI to find, increase and use great data potential

Almost nine zettabytes of data will be stored by 20242 – an inconceivably large amount of information. Much of it is already hidden in documents and applications or completely unstructured in e-mails, pictures and videos. There is enormous potential here for greater efficiency or even for completely new, data-driven business models with artificial intelligence. But many companies do not have an overview of the available data - and thus miss many opportunities.

Getting AI projects on the road in just 5 days

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AI trends


higher effectiveness in sales by 2025 thanks to AI ¹

By 2025

universally applicable AI modules will be widely available ¹

182.5 bn

euros can be saved in production with AI by 2025 ¹

8.9 ZB

of data will be stored worldwide in 2024, i.e 8,900,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes ²

¹ eco e.V. and Arthur D. Little -  "Artificial Intelligence" study, 2019

²  Global StorageSphere Forecast - IDC study, 2020

This is how to make data-driven business succeed

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The more data companies collect from different digital sources, the greater the uses they can put it to. Data-driven companies have recognized this and have firmly anchored AI as DNA in their corporate strategy. Their focus is on intelligent data analysis. With predictive analytics, future events can be predicted, their immediate impact on the business can be predicted and the processes involved can be handled accordingly.

Diverse use cases for artificial intelligence

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The fields of application for artificial intelligence are diverse and innovative. In medical research, AI helps to decode genomes. In autonomous driving, AI helps to better assess the traffic situation and avoid accidents. And in Industry 4.0, intelligent robots ensure automated and thus significantly faster production processes.

What you always wanted to know about AI

What is AI and what is simply fake? What is behind terms like machine learning, data science, deep learning or neural networks? Our whitepaper dispels prejudices and provides the most important basics about AI.

Insurance companies: Intelligent app helps in the event of a claim

AI enables insurance companies to settle claims digitally in real time: In the event of a car accident, the affected parties document the damage using an app. They record the condition of the vehicles with their smartphone camera. Using live streaming video, algorithms automatically establish who is responsible, determine the amount of damage and the repair costs for the vehicles involved. The insurance app records the entire inventory and provides assistance via chatbot, for example by notifying the towing service or organizing a rental car.

How to start successful use cases

Read our white paper to learn how companies from different industries are using AI and transforming into data-driven companies. And how you too can successfully introduce AI in your company.

Become a data-driven company now

Would you like to find out how you can use big data and artificial intelligence in your company to set up new business models, accelerate innovation and thus increase your turnover? With T-Systems, you can transform into a data-driven company. Together with you, we will assess your data landscape in workshops:

  • What data is available in the company?
  • How can the data currently be classified?
  • For which business processes is it used?

We will show you what you can achieve with your data. In close cooperation with you, we identify future-proof use cases for AI - for example for intelligent machines in production, chatbots in customer service or autonomous transport systems. We implement these in your company and take over the operation, development and maintenance of the AI solution.

Benefit from many advantages

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Our experts and enterprise architects have years of experience from various AI projects. They know exactly what is important when it comes to data management and application integration. Our data scientists train your systems to recognize patterns - catchphrase: machine learning. They design models and define characteristics in order to analyze your data optimally.

Security and data protection as the top priority with AI

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Thanks to our comprehensive partner ecosystem, we are familiar with all technologies related to big data and artificial intelligence. We are familiar with databases and data warehouses. In doing so, we act independently of manufacturers, so that a vendor lock-in can be avoided. We also offer you exactly the best-of-breed solutions that fit your needs. In a way that is cost-efficient, fail-safe and is conforms to compliance and data protection requirements. Cybersecurity and data protection are integral parts of T-Systems' DNA. For us, data security is the top priority in AI projects. This is ensured by our high-security data centers in Germany or the extensive know-how from our Security Operations Center (SOC).

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Transform your company into a data-driven company. We assist you with the design, planning and implementation of your data journey and take over the management and secure operation of your data landscape.

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