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Managed Cloud Services for Google Cloud Platform

Modernize your infrastructure and application landscape with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Benefits of Managed Cloud Services for GCP

  • Infrastructure Specialization
    Our experts implement infrastructure requirements with special regard to compute, storage, and network in a targeted manner. The best fit to customer needs include Compute Engine with VMs incl. GPUs or TPUs, Storage with Filestore (NAS) or Cloud Storage as well as Network with Cloud DNS, Load Balancing or VPC Network.
  • Best in Class Security
    The world’s largest private backbone network provides high availability. All secured data on the platform is encrypted to the highest standard. Pre-defined access policies and encryption of Cloud Storage is ensured and enforced via automation. Secure password policies and Multi-factor authentication is configured by default by leveraging Cloud Identity and Cloud IAM.
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud
    Remain flexible in the management of your local applications and across various cloud providers without hardware lock-in.
  • Simple to operate
    The monitoring of region and zone outages as well as the logging of API, and other events are pre-configured by using native Cloud Operations Suite features.
  • Reliability
    Infrastructure as code solutions, based on Gitlab CI/CD and HashiCorp Terraform for instance, ensure reliable infrastructure provisioning and operations.
  • Fully Managed, No Operations
    Information in real time with market leading analysis tools such as BigQuery leads to an exclusive focus on your development.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
    AI platforms and ML models facilitate integration into your existing development environment and accelerate the acquisition of valuable findings.

Google Partner for GCP

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As a Google Cloud Premier Partner¹, T-Systems has certified expertise in GCP. Combined with our comprehensive and long-standing special cloud infrastructure expertise in building and operating public, hybrid, and multi-cloud environment, as well as on-premises landscapes. We examine the architecture, security, and operation of an IT infrastructure in its entirety, ask the right questions, provide orientation, and make recommendations across all industries.

Strong in hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Google Cloud Platform benefits significantly from Google’s fiber optic network infrastructure, which typically provides better performance than standard network infrastructures. The creation of hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures is one of the key differentiators of GCP. For this purpose, GCP relies on Anthos, a framework for executing workloads across multiple clouds. Anthos builds on open source technologies like Kubernetes, making GCP a flexible and open development environment.

Secured, qualified, and sustainable

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For the global operation of data centers and the Google Cloud Platform, Google opts for 100% renewable energies, thus committing itself to global climate neutrality. Experience has shown that shifting your IT services into the Google Cloud enables energy savings of up to 85%.

All secured GCP data is automatically archived encrypted. The security and quality of the Google Cloud Platform is proven by its extensive certifications such as ISO, SOC and regional ones such as BSI.

You can also benefit from the Google Cloud Platform training program: Impart the latest and best possible knowledge to your employees with targeted professional development. Your chosen training programs will be topped off with appropriate certificates as evidence of successful participation.

Your Cloud Services for GCP

Our Managed Cloud Services for GCP relieve you of administrative tasks, leaving you free to develop innovative business models. Start off with the Foundation Services:

  • Immediate provision of and access to the platform
  • Central management and safeguarding of access management (IAM)
  • Controlling resources via logging and monitoring
  • Storage management with automated identification for data protection classes and encryption management
  • Support (incident and change management)
  • Central overview of a complete invoice

Please speak to our advisors for a personalized offer.

Consulting workshops for the Google Cloud Platform

Regardless of whether you are already using Google Cloud Platform or are looking to experience it for the first time, we are on hand with various consulting modules. Our experts are happy to help you and advise you individually and holistically – from architecture to security aspects and operation. In this way, acute bottlenecks, risks, and costs can be reduced.

Our Google Cloud Platform consulting packages

“Save & Optimize” if you are already using GCP resources

In the “Save & Optimize” workshop, we help you to shrewdly exploit potential for efficient workflows and production processes and support you with short-term implementations.

“Getting Ready” if you are using GCP for the first time

Do you want to know if and how Google Cloud Platform can cover your requirements? Then arrange a “Getting Ready” consultation, and we will prepare an individual ‘potential and risk analysis’ for you together with an assessment by our cloud experts. This allows irregularities to be detected at an early stage and countermeasures to be promptly initiated. In doing so, you will be able to take advantage of optimum and customized Google Cloud Platform services right from the start.

Individual consulting and onboarding in the Google Cloud

On request, we will help you to analyze your specific requirements and go through the appropriate solution. We support you in this from the conception through to the final implementation in your production landscape. With our Google Premier Partner Status, you will benefit from a unique team of experienced Google experts with informed understanding of application cases in the cloud across sectors. Based on former customer projects, our experts support you and can draw on experience with a huge variety of Google Cloud products and features for common use cases:

  • Identity Management by using Cloud Identity, Cloud IAM and 2-Step verification
  • Infrastructure Automation by leveraging Cloud Build, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, Source Repository and Cloud Firestore
  • Networking with Partner Interconnect, Cloud Router, VPCs, Cloud NAT, Cloud DNS and Cloud Firewall rules
  • Compute Engine
  • Security in regards of Org Policies, Cloud KMS, Secret Manager, Cloud Resource Manager and SCC
  • Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Logging

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We look forward to your project!

Still not sure if Google Cloud Platform offers the right solution for your cloud project? One of our GCP experts will be happy to answer your questions and introduce you to the advantages of GCP. Contact us, we are here to help.

¹ You can find more information about the above mentioned partner certification on the Google Cloud Platform website under the topic “Partners”.

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