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AWS Transfer Family

An easy-to-use tool for secure transfer of data to and from AWS

How do you bring your data to the AWS Cloud?

One of the most important topics of cloud migration is the provision of data in the cloud. It is not uncommon for applications to accumulate large amounts of data and the applications need this data. So how can the respective data move to the cloud – securely? The AWS Transfer Family solves this challenge.

New ideas in the cloud – but not without data

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Not only the migration of applications or entire application landscapes needs powerful solutions for migrating data to the AWS Cloud. AWS tools that want to generate business added value from existing data stocks must also be merged with the corresponding data in the cloud. Or maybe you are planning to set up data lakes in the cloud or want to use the cloud as scalable storage to enhance or relieve internal systems. How can large amounts of data be securely transferred once or continuously from applications that cannot use AWS's APIs?

AWS Transfer Family uses established protocols for secure file transfer

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The AWS Transfer Family uses established file transfer protocols to transfer data between legacy systems and Amazon S3 respectively Amazon EFS. AWS transfers are not a one-way street: Once established, the data can be securely copied or transferred both to and from the cloud. The Transfer Family uses the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) – it can thus effortlessly cooperate with legacy systems. In addition to FTP, which can only be used from a Virtual Private Cloud, the Transfer Family also offers access to FTPS (SSL/TLS) and SFTP (via SSH). Authentication is key-based.

T-Systems as a Managed Services Provider for AWS

As an AWS Premier Partner, T-Systems has extensive and diverse experience in implementing solutions that include the AWS Transfer Family. The use of established protocols such as SFTP connects the traditional on-premise world with the AWS cloud. T-Systems is offering such transfers also as a fully managed service. We use it, for example, for a customer who is moving their SAP systems to the AWS Cloud or for a company that is moving comprehensive legacy workloads to AWS as part of a multi-cloud strategy.

White paper: How to migrate seamlessly to AWS cloud

The Cloud Adoption Framework from AWS addresses all the cloud migration challenges providing a holistic roadmap and true business value.

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