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Catapult your digital systems into the modern age with a segmented, secure and comprehensive approach to IT Transformation with our Future IT Transformation Suite

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Get all the insights on how to kick start your IT Transformation and make it a success. Our expert webinar series (German only) is a great opportunity.

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Modernizing IT with FITT – an accelerator for the digital future

Are you looking for ways to transition large legacy infrastructures towards state-of-the-art cloud solutions to streamline your IT capabilities? Dr. Andreas Greis, SVP, Digital Solutions, T-Systems, speaks on the potential of the FITT Suite in this video. Watch now!

Accelerate Transformation with FITT

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Our Future IT Transformation Suite is designed to address all your IT transformation needs. The newly launched 6 IP offerings take care of your IT transformation at all layers with minimal risks and no disruptions to critical business applications.

  1. Application Landscape Assessment – Plan your IT transformation along business value
  2. Automated Monolith to Microservice with vFunction - Generate microservices, using AI and runtime measures
  3. Data Excavator – Making data treasures available for business
  4. zFuture ReHosting – Push your hyperscaler cloud strategy
  5. zFuture Cloud Infrastructure – Making the mainframe cloud real
  6. zWebConnector – Integrate distributed data and push E2E digitization

White paper: Mainframe migration to Azure

A robust cloud platform can pave the way for successful mainframe migration. Read our latest white paper to learn how to execute a successful and risk-free migration on Azure.

Can Legacy IT Transformation work for you?

The T-Systems’ Future IT Transformation Suite can be used to address common IT pain points, including:

  • Business intelligence locked in data silos
  • Critical IT systems reaching the end of their service life
  • Problems integrating legacy services with modern platforms
  • Business struggling to adapt with fast-changing markets
  • A need to drive down infrastructure costs

Accelerate your Transformation with FITT

Are you looking to modernize and transform your legacy systems? Our expert team is here to help and get you started. Let’s talk!

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