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Enterprise Protection System

Protect your employees, your company and your events with transparent tracing of infection chains

Safety in production for your operation

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The damage caused to your employees and company as the result of a shutdown can be considerable. Re-starting operations again later costs time, resources, and money. Take preventative measures and avoid complete closure of your factory operations, while creating a safe working environment for your employees.

Making events safer

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The event industry has been particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Often, distancing rules and contact tracking cannot be ensured. Make your (hybrid) events safer: integrate the Enterprise Protection System as a building block in the concept for the return of events with visitors.

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We are happy to advise on how you can protect your employees, your company or your event from coronavirus-related lockdowns.

Challenges solved by the Enterprise Protection System

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  • Distancing rules are a major challenge, especially in production and logistics and at events
  • Smartphones are often prohibited in the workplace for operational or secrecy reasons (such as in research and security areas, etc.)
  • Interference from devices or machines and shielding by metal limit the field of application of Bluetooth technology
  • At events, contact tracing in particular poses a major challenge
  • General and company regulations for data protection must be observed

The Enterprise Protection System meets these challenges.

Corona will continue to challenge us in all areas of life and we will have to live with the virus. It is all the more important that we think in terms of concrete solutions as well as work with concepts to ensure that, in perspective, ice hockey sports can once again take place in front of spectators. The Enterprise Protection System can be another important building block in this process.

Gernot Tripcke, Managing Director of PENNY DEL

The benefits of the Enterprise Protection System

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  • The EPS offers a combination of Corona Warn App (CWA) functions with a wearable, based on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) for efficient tracing of infection chains 
  • The distance is determined only via a wearable
  • All relevant data can only be used via a smartphone
  • Precise tracing of distances is achieved with robust wearables paired with the app
  • Optical and acoustic distance warnings help to maintain the minimum required physical distance 
  • High data protection requirement through decentralized data management and modern edge cloud connectivity
  • Easy to operate, from a single source and completely “as-a-service”

Protect your company or event


The Enterprise Protection System (EPS) helps to break infection chains and assists in meeting recommended Corona minimum distance.

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User journey for the app

1. Shift starts – check in

  • Connect & pair the Enterprise Protection System with a wearable (KINEXON SafeTag)
  • Any SafeTag can be used
  • QR-Code – scan via the app
  • SafeTag charges on the docking station

2. During the shift – Trace & Collect

  • SafeTag is carried on the employee as they begin their shift – smartphone stays in the locker room
  • Exchange of keys using SafeTags in the environment
  • Visual and acoustic warning signals if safe distances are breached in order to avoid critical contact

3. End of shift – check out

  • At the end of the shift, the SafeTag is returned to the charging pad
  • Check-out and data dump are triggered automatically
  • Tracing data using KINEXON SafeTag is made possible by an edge cloud service paired with the Enterprise Protection System
  • No central data storage

4. Enter infection data following positive test

  • Infection reporting process with verification for example by the HR department, Corona Task Force (e.g. TAN generation and SMS distribution to employee)
  • Optional reporting of individual contact data by infected employee to employer

5. Critical contact

  • Positive IDs are forwarded to the Enterprise Corona App (ECA), with critical contacts and behavioral guidelines displayed
  • Optional reporting of individual contact details to the employer

6. Company dashboard

  • Analytics and dashboard for customers on infections status, no. of critical contacts
  • If employee opts-in for providing contact data, the data is accessible for the employer 
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