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Digitalization of transport and logistics

Use digital solutions to optimize processes and value creation in freight, distribution, and intra-logistics

Digital supply chain: maximum transparency

One of the core objectives of digitalization in transport logistics is achieving a transparent and end-to-end view of the entire supply chain. The digital supply chain plays a decisive role in this. In addition to data from classic IT systems such as CRM or ERP, Internet-of-Things solutions are increasingly being used to track vehicles and transported goods. When combined with artificial intelligence, this data enables timely adjustments to workflows and the optimization of logistical processes. This provides cost benefits and improves customer satisfaction.

White paper: How tracking solutions increase efficiency

Learn about the latest IoT track & trace solutions and how to identify the right one for your supply chain needs.

Everything from a single source: Our solutions for your digital transport logistics

White paper: Sustainable logistics – challenges and paths on the way to green transport logistics

Globally leading logistics companies are currently being called upon more than ever to develop strategies for achieving ecological goals. Find out what challenges the industry is currently facing and how digital technologies such as IoT, machine learning, and advanced analytics can help.

More efficiency and sustainability in logistics with digitalization and IoT

Countries around the globe are committed to cut down high amounts of carbon emission in the future. In Germany the target by 2030 is a reduction of 543 million tons of Co2. Transportation is one of the most important areas where this reduction will have to happen. For businesses there are now multiple reasons to turn to sustainability. T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom’s IoT team is here to help businesses achieve their individual targets with digital solutions. In this video listen to our experts opinions and brief about our solutions and offerings.

From smart supply chains to blockchain

Dynamic logistics processes must be highly synchronized. One key factor is the collection and real-time analysis of supply chain data. Indoor tracking facilitates the automatic location of goods in the warehouse, while outdoor tracking ensures that containers, for example, do not get lost en route. Condition monitoring allows companies to understand when exactly an insured event took place and which service provider is responsible for the damage. Blockchain technology can help to facilitate and secure identification at goods handover along the transport chain.

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