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T-Systems hosts AWS Immersion Days to help clients

To give organizations the opportunity to explore various AWS services, we are running intensive introductory workshops

March 08 2022René Micha Cehlár

101 problems – and thousands of approaches!

Problems exist in every business, and technology evolves at speed to solve them. Many IT professionals turn to AWS services but face near overwhelming choice and a shortage of time to familiarize themselves with their various layers and nuances. Quickly getting to grips with the appropriate service and managing its smooth implementation can be challenging. AWS Immersion Days offer you an immersive experience of Amazon cloud services.   

Take the fast lane to success with AWS

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With AWS Immersion Days, you can speed your progress by immersing yourself in your chosen subject and gaining experience with the AWS console. Learn about specific Amazon services and apply your newfound knowledge in task-based, practical exercises with the support of our approved AWS practitioners.

The days are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently adopt an AWS service, avoid the common schoolboy errors, and apply best practices.

Amazon SageMaker visual analysis

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An example is a recent Immersion Day held on Amazon SageMaker:

Amazon SageMaker is a tool designed to fill in the gap that makes machine learning needlessly difficult. By speeding up the process of building, training, and deploying ML models, ML becomes a powerful asset, rather than being a special-occasion option.

To help the delegates master SageMaker, our trainer René walked them through steps including:

  • How to import training data
  • Visual analysis
  • Training the machine learning model
  • Deploying the model
  • Evaluating performance

René also spoke of the vital importance of ensuring data integrity and recommended starting with simpler tasks before gradually increasing the computing power to match demand.

I really enjoyed T-Systems’ AWS Immersion Day on Sagemaker. We learned a lot about data analytics and machine learning and also got our hands dirty with the service.

T-Systems’ client, Deutsche Telekom IT

AWS Immersion Days – Quick FAQs

What is an AWS Immersion Day?

It is a guided tour of an AWS solution, with T-Systems as your tour guide. You can choose from dozens of topics; AWS regularly update the list of available training modules. 

AWS Immersion Days are hosted online in a sandbox testing environment. You’ll enjoy a hands-on, deep-dive experience, practical exercises, and plenty of opportunities for questions and answers.

The knowledge you gain will help you solve your business or technical problems efficiently, apply best practices, and achieve your ambitions faster.   

I am not a T-Systems customer - can I book an AWS Immersion Day for my organization?  

You are welcome to reach out to us, and together we will explore the possibilities!

Are AWS Immersion Days free?  


How do I request one?   

Please email aws-info@t-systems.com.

I assume that, unlike webinars, you cannot watch a recording of an Immersion Day?

That’s right, but you will receive slides, and we’ll remain on hand to help you.  

Our Immersion Day trainers   

Our Immersion Day trainers are AWS certified consultants. To ensure they deliver a consistent learning experience, they undergo an intensive “Train the Trainer” seminar. Our trainers are hand-picked not only because of their technical knowledge and experience but because of their genuine passion for AWS services and infectious enthusiasm for their area of expertise. As well as machine learning, previous Immersion Day topics include cloud migration, security, containers, and well-architected frameworks.

Request an AWS Immersion Day

If you have a particular business or technical challenge, we can guide you towards the most appropriate AWS service. And you’ll be in good hands; T-Systems is a highly certified AWS Partner with extensive experience helping hundreds of organizations solve their problems.

Just tell us your challenge and what AWS topics you’re interested in by emailing aws-info@t-systems.com – we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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