Picture shows the word "real-time" in phonetic transcription and explanation of the word from the dictionary; gradient

Variable within narrow limits. REAL TIME. Its objective benefit is undisputed. Four scientists on applications in industry, health and public life.

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Variable within narrow limits. REAL TIME. Its objective benefit is undisputed. Four scientists on applications in industry, health and public life.

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Best Practices

Picture shows technician with measuring device and laptop on a wind power station, in the background the sea

Better accuracy with data

POLYGONVATRO. The reconstruction specialist improves the energy management of his customers with a IoT portalstored in the cloud.

Picture shows a motorway taken from above, the many cars have caused a traffic jam, opposite lane free

Bodyguards of the road

SECURITY OPERATION CENTER. The Security Operation Center utilize threat intelligence and attack detection systemsas bodyguards on the streets.

Picture shows a white piggy bank with the coat of arms of the federal state North Rhine-Westphalia

Time is money

LAND NRW. With SAP HANA the state of NRW reduces cost, time and other ressources used for payment and maintainance cases.

Picture shows two ladies with a mobile phone in their hands in a station concourse, the ad in the background

When a delay secretly brings joy

DB REPORTAGE. With the up-to-the-minute traveler information from its new forecasting machine, the company is saving its customers unnecessary waiting times. It’s a service that, from this year on, will go far beyond just long-distance travel.

Picture shows a smartphone in a hand, on it you can see an application of Mercedes Benz

“Hello, this is your workshop!”

DAIMLER. The upgrade Mercedes me connects cars up to the model from 2002 with dealer and manufacturer.

Picture shows the illuminated advertisement above the entrance of the Globus DIY store

The order is what matters

GLOBUS BAUMARKT. In Saarlouis Chief Information Officer Martin Fries of Globus Baumarkt is creating the do-it-yourself shopping experience of the future.

Picture shows Head of IT Pedro Martínez Puig, Corporate Vice President in front of the Mexichem building

“From commodities to real impact”

MEXICHEM. Mexichem CIO Pedro Martinez and T-Systems Global Account Executive Maricarmen Torres talk about corporate digital strategies, learning curves in global partnerships and delivering on promises.

Picture shows an employee of Schwan Cosmetics with goggles and hood, in the foreground he holds cables

The influencers behind the factory gates

SCHWAN COSMETICS. Schwan Cosmetics entrenches the digital transition sustainably and services its worldwide production machines via hololens.

Picture shows Mr. Benno Rieger, restaurant computer scientist and leader of the SIZ service GmbH, beside a large red piggy bank

“The lifeblood of the Sparkasse”

SIZ SERVICE GmbH. The communication contractor of all German Sparkassen prepares the whole company for a digital future.

Picture shows a mountainous landscape, in front of it a train, a gondola, a bus and a ship on rails

All of Switzerland in one trip

SCHWEIZERISCHE BUNDESBAHN. Whether train, ship, ropeway or bus, travellers in Switzerland only need to buy one ticket on the platform NOVA.

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