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EHI nominates Top Supplier Retail

The award goes to Cordes & Graefe for their intelligent in-car delivery system

February 20 2020

The EHI Retail Institute honors the intelligent in-car delivery system from Cordes & Graefe based on the T-Systems solution MIA

On the margins of EuroShop, the world’s largest retail trade fair in Düsseldorf, the EHI Retail Institute presented the “Retail Technology Awards Europe” (reta awards for short) in four categories. The innovative In-Car-Delivery solution of the wholesaler Cordes & Graefe was awarded as “Best Enterprise Solution”. This intelligent “CarLoad” service from the GC Group is based on the Mobile Identity & Access (MIA) solution from technology partner T-Systems. This is why the EHI Retail Institute named T-Systems “Top Supplier Retail 2020”, also in the category “Best Enterprise Solution”.

T-Systems has won the “Top Supplier Retail” award for the second time in a row with its smart IoT solution

Top Supplier Retail 2020 Award

T-Systems and customer Cordes & Graefe have received an award from the EHI Retail Institute for their innovative in-car delivery system for tradesmen.

Those who were involved in the awarding of the prize

From right to left: Patrick Hofmann, Authorized Signatory, Logistics, Construction and Real Estate Management Cordes & Graefe KG, Michael Lebich, Head of Sales Digital Solution T-Systems International GmbH, Manfred Bannweg, Logistics Consultant Cordes & Graefe KG, Michael Gerling, Managing Director EHI Retail Institute GmbH.

Thanks to the innovative “GC CarLoad” solution, products can be delivered overnight directly to the customer's trunk. The costly administration of physical keys is no longer necessary with digital keys from T-Systems’ “MIA Mobile Identity & Access”.

EHI Retail Institute

Virtual access instead of keys

For CarLoad, the T-Systems solution MIA transforms physical vehicle keys into virtual access for GC Group employees, which is made available via a mobile application. This provides the suppliers with access to all tradesmen’s vehicles, which have been released in the app, for a certain period of time. Ordered items can thus be placed directly in the vehicles. The GC personnel can open, load, and lock the vehicles very easily. The advantage for GC customers: the required material is placed directly in the vehicle during the night – nationwide. As a result of this, the tradesman can drive directly to their construction sites in the morning – without any detours or loss of time.

With the new service, I save a lot of time and money since my fitters don't have to worry about procuring the required products in the morning, they can just drive directly to the construction site.

CarLoad user Thomas Vogel, Managing Director of HTS

Highly Secure Key Cloud

The award-winning in-car delivery system relies on digital vehicle keys from technology partner Mov’InBlue. T-Systems contributes the IoT solution MIA. This combines identification processes and access functions in one app. Instead of a key box, the customer uses a high-security key cloud to gain access to the vehicles. Access can be granted for a limited time and withdrawn again in real time. This turns tradesmen's vehicles into continuously accessible storage places and a smartphone into a secure universal key.

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