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Greater security with the ServiceNow community apps

Create stability and speed in your company – even in times of crisis

April 01 2020

Communicating information with the community apps

ServiceNow provides its customers with four free community apps. This allows companies to easily maintain communication with their employees, even in times of crisis, and to quickly convey the right information in a targeted manner. The applications help to provide transparency, speed, and security in companies and ensure automated workflows. The community apps are available from the ServiceNow Store or from T-Systems.

Emergency Self Report app

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Using the “Emergency Self Report” app, your employees can report whether or not they are in quarantine and how long the quarantine has been in effect. As a result, companies are always informed as to when employees can safely return to work. This facilitates personnel planning. Notifications from the app can also be sent directly to the HR department so that they always have an overview of the current situation.

Emergency Outreach app

With the “Emergency Outreach” app, companies stay connected with their employees via email or mobile push notifications. This allows important information about emergency and safety measures to be shared with employees and ensures that everyone receives it. This app also offers employees the opportunity to inform the company about their health status.

Emergency Exposure Management app

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The “Emergency Exposure Management” app allows you to identify employees who may have been exposed to infection. This involves analyzing meetings – for example, using Outlook Calendar – and the locations of the affected employees in order to trace a possible infection. This enables you to inform other employees of a potential risk of infection in good time and protect your entire workforce.

Emergency Response Operations app

The “Emergency Response Operations” app was originally developed by the Washington State Department of Health and improved by ServiceNow. The app helps organizations to plan and coordinate emergency measures. In addition, authorities can use the application to optimize the use of personnel and resources.

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ServiceNow Application & Operations Management (S.AOM)

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With S.AOM, our ServiceNow experts can help you manage your existing ServiceNow environment and increase service automation in your business. We will provide you with the necessary operational support and quickly set up the available ServiceNow emergency applications so that you can continue to enjoy stable, high-performance operation of your ServiceNow platform and applications. This allows you to concentrate entirely on your customers and thus your economic success. 

T-Systems takes care of:

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  • Security
  • Quality
  • Automation of emergency services
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