How do we prepare for a digital future?

Recognize possibilities and potentials

Understanding today. Shaping tomorrow.

How does data transform client relationships? Can your cloud solution turn AI into real genius? How does on-demand change demand? Shaping digital future together.

Person with hooded jumper sits in front of a laptop and hacks into the system

Stay on the trail of hackers with AI

Is your IT being abused as a botnet? Are digital identities being stolen? How AI detects and stops such attacks.

blue lines give the illusion of a cube-shaped construct

What is the future of quantum computing?

Quantum computing is forging ahead – but what framework conditions are needed for companies to benefit from the technology?

Robot hand on piano keys

How do humanity and AI merge to create masterpieces?

The interaction between humans and AI is a decisive factor in whether sustainable AI projects are possible today and in the future.

A business man making online banking.

Ethical Use of BDAI

Find out why German regulating body BaFin recently released supervisory principles to monitor the use of Big Data & AI.

A tree growing out of an IT bord with earth.

The financial industry and sustainable business practices

How the capital market can contribute to sustainable business practices through environmental, social, and governance (ESG) requirements.

A hedge in the form of a thumb up.

How to promote sustainability in the finance sector

Did our article ‘Bank on Sustainability’ leave you asking for more? Here are the meaty details.

magenta neon lights with reflections on the floor

T-Systems wins Platinum at IT Awards 2021

At the virtual award ceremony, T-Systems took the top spot in the ‘Managed Cloud’ category with a Platinum Award.

A crossroad with some cars that are surrounded by blue circles.

ITS World Congress 2021: Pearls of Mobility

Safe, sustainable, efficient: The ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg provided insights into the exciting future of mobility.

A paper boat is drawn out of the sea by a red balloon.

Leading with ideas in the Digital Age

The pandemic pushed organizations to innovate and responsive pilots, like T-Systems, navigated the choppy waters.

Robots are building cars.

When robots improve themselves

Smarter welding: The AI Solution Factory simplifies quality controls for automotive companies.

A man's and a women's hand put together two puzzle pieces.

The Art of Collaboration

Find out how a close collaboration between organizations and their customers can drive future business transformation.

Machine for filling medicines

A digital dose for logistics in Pharma 4.0

Digital technologies are transforming logistics and driving disruptive changes in the Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals sector.

Detail picture of a charging plug of an e-charging station in a car

Ensuring that e-mobility doesn’t stall

Comfort Charge relies on T-Systems' SAP expertise to keep batteries fully-charged and billing processes transparent.

Shanghai skyline in the evening sun

A stairway to blue sky in Huainan

A Chinese Megacity reduced CO₂ emissions by more than 5 megatons per year – with help from T-Systems.

A woman on crutches stands by a lake and smiles

Speeding up patient care

BARMER digitized its manual processes covering 30,000 medical aids and 3,000 medical stores with support from T-Systems.

A woman sits in front of a machine wearing safety goggles

Factory of the future at TU Graz

T-Systems provided an important link that solved the puzzle facing Austria’s Graz University of Technology.

The skyline of a city in the sunset with a white mesh structure hovering over it

Corona pandemic: key to digital transformation?

The Covid-19 crisis led to a surge in digitalization. Know about why companies should continue to digitize afterwards.

Dr. Andreas Winckler, head of IT at Messe Frankfurt.

Reimagining events after the pandemic

Post Covid-19, how is the trade fair industry adapting? Our exclusive interview with Dr. Andreas Winckler, Chief of IT at Messe Frankfurt.

A car is built by rotobics

Like mother and daughter

Catena-X is becoming the digital ecosystem for Europe's automakers. In the process, another major project is providing welcome obstetrics.

Two people climbing a mountain, one man helping the other

Growing with your customers

Is Customer Success Management yet another buzzword? Deep-dive into how it links your success to that of your customers.

Two Women are walking next to each other in an office, both are smiling

How does New Work apply to Gen Z?

T-Systems’ Chief Tomorrow Officer explains what Generation Z workers really want, and how to futureproof your businesses by asking the right questions.

High-rise skyline covered by a digital network

How is edge computing changing our business?

Learn how companies can use edge computing to manage their data streams more efficiently and realize innovative application solutions.

A hand and a robot are holding gears and meet in the middle of the picture

Ensuring future-proof working models with AI

How AI is changing the world of work, setting up New Work environments and helping to drive innovation with transparent data analytics

"Digital Marketing" in big white font with different icons around it. In the background: classic office setting

How digital marketing is shaping our future

Covid-19 accelerated digitization in many areas. A forecast of what the future might look like.

Berlin - Reichstag building/German parliament on the Spree river at dusk.

Off into the world of containers

Federal company accelerates software development with Future Cloud Infrastructure and cloud containers.

Five people standing and sitting in a futuristic office with a colourful city skyline in the background

Rethinking business models for a sustainable future

How business models are evolving to stay relevant and resilient

A human and robot finger meet at each side of a glas screen

Hyperautomation – why you can’t ignore it

Hyperautomation is solving some of the biggest headaches for IT architects and data scientists.

A robotic hand holds a pile of earth and a tree is growing from it

Conserve resources and protect the environment with AI

How artificial intelligence can have a positive impact on sustainability in almost all industries.

A white cloud floats in a server room

Are Digitization and Sustainability Compatible?

How companies measure the CO2 footprint of their cloud infrastructure and derive measures from this.

A Tablett with a cloud and a lock in magenta

How to tackle your shadow IT

Attacks on cloud services and shadow IT: why you need a holistic security concept for your cloud IT.

Three people looking at holographic screen showingdata information

An Agile Data-Driven Enterprise

To become an agile data-driven enterprise can be a great differentiator to create value.

2 men in a hallway with servers. Green swoosh with binary code.

Digital innovation in pursuit of climate goals

Shell and Deutsche Telekom agree to advance digital innovation in pursuit of climate goals.

Two men in blue shirts standing infront of boxes

How to Power Successful AI Projects?

Scale your AI projects successfully with our AI Solution Factory.

A hand holding a cell phone with a car sharing symbol, with a car in the background

Future Engineering: Car Development with a Future

Car manufacturers need to put their product development to the test today so that they are still successful tomorrow.

Two women, one of which is a doctor are sitting at a desk and are looking at an iPad

Healthcare Cloud: Fort Knox for healthcare data

With the Telekom Healthcare Cloud, companies in the healthcare sector finally have access to a public cloud that complies with data protection laws and regulations.

A hand holding a animated cloud with a lock between his fingers

Microsegmentation: Security down to the most minute detail

How to minimize the threat of cyberattacks and potential damage using new software solutions.

View of the sky with a glass facade and trees

Sustainable future

Modern sustainability: making the cloud greener and delivering innovative sustainable solutions for our clients on their digitization journey.

Robot and human hands almost touch

What will the factory of tomorrow look like?

CEO of T-Systems Adel Al-Saleh: Why software in production makes factories more efficient and products smarter.

Doctor writes a note with numerous envelopes in the foreground

Telekom launches secure doctor email

Telekom’s Communication in Medicine (KIM) service connects the medical industry. Digitalization in the healthcare sector offers many advantages. Learn more here.

 Neon green illuminated building with magenta cloud and green Telekom logo.

Making the cloud greener

Less CO2 consumption, more efficiency: T-Systems develops project for greater sustainability at Biere data center.

3D rendering of an assembly line with "Spinx Open" logo

Partnership for manufacturing of the future

T-Systems and GFT offer data analysis in the smart factory.

COVID-19 vaccine vial and syringe are on table with graphs and charts.

Westphalia-Lippe gives out 5,000 vaccination appointments per minute

Successful start for industry partners T-Systems and ServiceNow.

Car silhouette with colorful light aura

Embedded software development on AUTOSAR

The eye-catching car showcase demonstrates the interaction of E/E architectures, AUTOSAR, and software & hardware.


T-Systems and Kinexon with new technology to combat Covid-19

Wearables with real-time warning function keep employees distanced.

View over Madrid's Gran Via street in the evening sun

A Spaniard Digitalizes Clinics Worldwide From His Home

How Javier Martín Martínez consults hospitals around the world.

Disguised hacker reaches out to industrial machines

Telekom offers protective shield for connected machines

Hacker attacks on industrial machines with insecure software are on the rise. We offer a remedy with Magenta Industrial Security.

A mobile phone with a stethoscope.

Secure cloud for health apps on prescription

For digital health applications (DiGA): T-Systems offers developers and operators the optimal basis for the cloud.

Robot generates a grid

Are you ready for tomorrow’s world?

Future business success depends on digital foundations. Shape these now together with T-Systems.

Brightly lit hospital corridor

Hospital Futures Fund: Better digital care

Funding from the federal government – what hospitals need to do now!


A journey into virtual worlds

The virtual TechBoost space brings together Telekom start-ups and business clients.

A city at night

Pedal to the Metal for Intermodal Travel

Mobility analytics experts at Telekom catapult intermodal travel from theory into practice.

An elderly man lies on a hospital bed and holds a nurse’s hand

Nursing Gets an Image Makeover: How Digitalization Improves the Image of Nursing Professions

Digital tools finally reveal what nurses and caregivers accomplish every day.

Pink-blue colored prism-cuboid

Smart Simulation of Reality: Digital Twins

Digital twins are more than visual replicas of machines, buildings, or facilities. They depict virtual realities. Does the future belong to digital twins?

Graphical image of a globe, surrounded by circles and a network

ENX: An Extranet for the automotive industry

More than 1,000 companies in over 30 countries communicate securely via a globally available industry network.

A woman in a blue hospital uniform holds a tablet in her hand, with various icons circulating on it.

Better research into COVID-19 infection with the public cloud

How anonymized data from COVID-19 patients can be shared securely for research purposes using the Open Telekom Cloud.

Picture from inside of a car, everywhere lines and numbers

Going at full speed – thanks to the data filling station

DAIMLER. The car manufacturer flips the kickdown switch for its vehicle development.

The background consists of grass, in the middle a corner of the labyrinth; in it a factory building

Green data center

TOPSTORY. Evaporative cooling makes the Twin Core Data Center Magdeburg-Biere one of the greenest data centers in the world.

The background consists of grass, in the middle a corner of the labyrinth; in it a street, cars with sound waves

Enablers for the triumph of IoT: 5G and NB-IoT

TOPSTORY. 136 exabytes – a number with 18 zeros – are to race through data networks every month in the future – if possible in real time

The background consists of grass, a corner of the labyrinth in the middle; people communicating with each other

The virtual world of digitization

TOPSTORY. Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) could provide answers to the questions of our time.

Picture shows woman in lab coat and goggles at work, on the side different symbols light up

Migration without side effects

ZUELLIG PHARMA. Using the public cloud to provide better healthcare for people in Asia.

Portrait of Timotheus Höttges

Growing greener

GUEST COMMENTARY. Telekom CEO Timotheus Höttges explains how growth can be achieved without using resources – thanks to digitization.

Portrait of Mr. Heiko Henkes from the Company ISG

IoT, 5G, Edge Computing: Drivers of digitization

ANALYZE IT. ISG analyst Heiko Henkes on mature technologies for the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

Portrait of Mrs. Anne Rethmann

Everything new without new wheels for the Autobahn GmbH

AUTOBAHN GMBH. 10 branch offices, 41 field offices, 42 traffic control centers and 189 highway maintenance offices: IT comes from the cloud

Trumpf machine with company logo

Multi-Language and industry standard for the supply chain

TRUMPF. With “omlox”, tools and devices in the networked factory exchange positioning data of various hardware and software

Mr. Michael Otto, CEO of the church ECKD-KIGST GmbH in front of a sign "IT.Menschlich"

ServiceNow in church use

ECKD KIGST GMBH. The ChurchX ordering platform maps customer and partner processes and runs on a cloud platform in Germany.

Top view shows laptop, tablet and smartphone on the lap of a woman

Billing system from the cloud

ENERGIEREVOLTE. EnergyRevolte offers prepaid electricity, reduces power consumption and prevents from being turned off from supply

Picture of lord mayor of Bonn, GER sitting on a sofa during a talk

Smart Bonn

INTERVIEW. Why the city in North Rhine-Westphalia leads the Smart City Ranking.

Woman looking at hologram global- and environmental data

Cyber Defense and IT Security made in Germany

Telekom protects itself and its customers from Bonn with its largest Cyber Defense and Security Operations Center.

A man and a woman checking salad shipments in the warehouse

Virtual food market in 24 hours

T-Systems builds a digital platform within 24 hours to support the Mercabarna wholesale market in distributing food.

A doctor stands in a hospital hallway typing on a tablet.

The hospital from the public cloud

Indonesian hospital group Mitra Keluarga migrating its IT to AWS with help from T-Systems.

A hand holds an electronic price tag.

Digitize commerce with FashionTAG

With the FashionTAG as an electronic price tag for clothing, a department store chain has made a successful start with digital commerce.

Pixel clouds connected with light rays in front of foggy city scenery

A solution for remote work in just two weeks

For an internationally operating consumer goods enterprise, T-Systems developed a solution based on public cloud services.

Teleoperated Driving Demo

From connected vehicles to autonomous driving, webinar recording

The car industry is on its way to autonomous driving. This webcast will show you which technical requirements still need to be addressed.

There is a dashboard in the foreground and a robot arm in the background.

Smart factory: Correctly digitized in 5 steps

The digitization strategy is a crucial aspect when progressing from a production plant to a smart factory.

Bright, curvy tunnel with light spot at the end

The 4 components of future engineering

Development departments in the automotive ecosystem require fundamentally new approaches to mastering complexity.

A doctor holds a tablet in her hand.

Pandemic push: This is how digital our healthcare system will become.

The coronavirus is the driver for digitalized medicine.

Bird's eye view of high-rise landscape over which binary codes fly.

First-class security for Saarland

A high-performance encryption solution from T-Systems protects the German state of Saarland’s IT service center.

Teleoperated Driving Demo

The future of the professional driver

The startup Ottopia and T-Systems show the future of the professional driver. The driver remotely controls a real car like a video gamer.

A man makes a group video call with many other people, behind him through the big windows you can see that the sun is setting

Virtual teams: how to ensure they work successfully

From video chat to autogenous training: Virtual teams require a new kind of management culture – and a high degree of self-organization.

Picture shows laboratory work with different samples, a pipette and tubes

Preventively sick

DIGITAL HEALTH. The start-up Alacris Theranostics tests the effectiveness of drugs on digital twins instead of real patients.

Cars in city traffic with WiFi symbols hovering above them.

Connected Car – Connected Customer

Regardless of the crisis, the car of the future will be connected. What are the right strategies and technologies?

Picture shows Prof. Henning Schneider, Dean of the Technical University of Central Hessen in an interview

Real time = Health ^ 10

ANALYZE IT. Doctor and health informatics specialist Dr. Henning Schneider on real time in healthcare, an e-health communication network without dead zones and bar codes in place of lower-back tattoos.

Picture shows an unreal world floating in space, mountains, a waterfall, a road and meadow can be seen

The real world does not wait

TOPSTORY. Whether in industry, commerce, or everyday life: we are surrounded by real time applications.

Picture by Prof. Günther Schuh; holder of the chair for Production Systematics and Production Management

Interview with Prof. Günther Schuh

Prediction thanks to real time

Picture of Dr. Nico Piatkowski, Chair for Artificial Intelligence at the TU Dortmund

Interview with Dr. Nico Piatkowski

Perpetuate the flow of material

Glass building reflects the clouds in the sky

Hospital Cloud Migration

How PT Mitra Keluarga Karyasehat Tbk, an Indonesia-based private hospital operator migrated their SAP and non-SAP systems in record time to AWS with the help of T-Systems.

Man sees through VR-glasses; the background is dark and there are colourful neon speckles everywhere

Sales event in the Virtual Innovation Center

How the Virtual Innovation Center has become a place for real social networking.

Picture from bird's eye view time many people in small groups, the lines on the ground connect these

What makes AI projects successful

One key to successful AI projects is change management that consistently involves employees.

A woman in blue hospital clothes holds a tablet in her hand over which various icons are circling.

Fuse-AI: e-health from the cloud

Fuse-AI facilitates medical diagnoses using artificial intelligence from the Open Telekom Cloud.

Many planes, flying through the picture

All roger!

FRAPORT BRASIL. The airport operator manages its Brazilian airports with SAP from the cloud. The perfect Turnaround.

Picture of a close up under a microscope

Digital floodlight

OSRAM. On the way to a smart factory: with KI, data analytics, autonomous robots and a 5G campus network.

Picture of Adel Al-Saleh, CEO of T-systems

Trusted performance means higher performance

Adel Al-Saleh, Head of T-Systems Deutsche Telekom AG and CEO von T-Systems

Picture of Dr. Michael Spangenberger and Udo Lingen next to each other

The fish stinks from his head

BUSINESS ETHICS. Dr. Michael Spangenberger about the transformation of soft values into hard factors.

Picture shows naked people with helmets and goggles, they look disoriented

Is it going well?

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Will we become slaves of the algorithms we wrote ourselves?

Picture shows smartphone in the hand of a woman, on the display you can see an E-flight ticket including CR code

One ticket for all of Germany

VDV. How 440 local public transport companies want to inspire their passengers.

Animated image shows connecting chains between nurses, the workplace, doctors etc.

A second opinion saves lives

TELEMEDICINE. Interdisciplinary cooperation with the eTumorkonsil.

Portrait of Axel Oppermann in front of a black background

Everything Cloud, or what?

ANALYZE IT. Axel Oppermann sees SAP software 2025 completely in the cloud.

Picture shows two employees in front of a large touch display;

Digitization attracts qualified staff

KLINIKUM HEINSBERG. Who ist not using a modern HIS saves on the wrong end.

Portrait of Gülay Stelzmüllner, Global Head of IT Connectivity Services bei Siemens AG, sitting on a red sofa

Fast, Easy to clean and Cheaper

SIEMENS. A global player connects to a new SD-WAN.

Picture shows a charging station for electric cars, in the background you can see part of a Smart

Fuelling electricity

GRID & CO. Managing E charging stations with software from the cloud.

Picture with two beer coasters by Hoffmann + Krippner, on one stands a beer mug filled with beer

Smart coasters

HOFFMANN + KRIPPNER. Glass to counter: beer will soon be empty.

Portrait of Barmer CIO Jürgen Rothmaier in front of a banner of Barmer GEK;

“Do it honestly.”

GUESTBOOK BY JÜRGEN ROTHMAIER. BARMER acknowledges a special responsibility in the context of its digitization.

Picture shows Tom Dreiner, Commercial Director, ISS Germany, standing in front of a colourful, creatively painted wall

When buildings communicate

ISS A/S. IoT takes facility management into the digital era.

Bird's eye view shows Beijing Airport from above

Ready for Take-off

BEIJING AIRPORT. Control the largest airport in the world with central software.

Picture of Dr. Thomas de Maizìere in a conversation

Minimum of courage required

GERMAN TELEKOM FOUNDATION. Dr. Thomas de Maizière on moral courage, decency on the Internet and the digital educational mission.

Picture shows two hospital employees in front of a mobile PC, the nurse operates the computer

More time for patient care

ATEGRIS. Doctor’s visit with iPad and mobile KIS.

Picture shows students doing group work. In front of them stands a laptop

More than technology

DIGITAL EDUCATION. Exemplary Digitizing at the Aloisius College in Bonn, Bad Godesberg.

Hologram of futuristic car in workshop.

The Car of the Future

Six trends that significantly influence the development of cars

Woman taps virtual lock with her finger.

Private Access Protect Pro powered by Zscaler

In this online tutorial, you will learn how companies can provide their employees with fast, secure, and reliable remote access to applications and services.

Illustration of a lightbulb made of white lines and a yellow ball of paper.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Remarkable cooperation and creativity help to get through the crisis.

Man in silver suit with futuristic VR-glasses points to a glowing map of the world.

Long live collaborative diversity!

Out of the monoculture, into the jungle: how the collaboration mix from the hybrid cloud is slowly displacing classic office growth.

Woman serves a variety of round icons on a glowing tablet.

Collaboration Tools – How about a little More?

Four men after sport. They've polished off the pizza and are sitting over the obligatory espresso. Four small cups hover over the table. Each is flanked by the unavoidable biscuit…

Picture of a computer board with a recycling symbol on top

Used Licenses help cut the Digital Workplace TCO

“Like new, only used once” – you’ve seen that before, right?

Two hands in a bluish light extend the fingertips, between which a light spot appears.

Collaboration Tools – as you Like it

Microsoft Office is the standard for the Digital Workplace. Working without Word, Powerpoint and Excel? Hard to imagine.

White tablet in front of a bright sky, slightly enveloped by a white cloud.

The Secure Future Workplace? Just Hybrid, please!

Agile, future-oriented, innovative companies can't help it: they rely on the public cloud.

Smartphone-Bildschirm im Sprachaufnahme-Modus

The digital service employee

The end of the waiting loop: At BARMER, a digital assistant acts as a concierge for the telephone hotline.

A man sits at a table looking at a screen, a laptop and a cat are on the table.

New Work – the employee in focus

This is how you can use the potential of digitization for greater efficiency in work processes.

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