Florian Fleischmann
"In addition to the data security and data protection aspect, the outstanding performance was also a factor."
Florian Fleischmann, peopleForecast CEO

peopleForecast GmbH: Open Telekom Cloud – Maximum data protection and data security

peopleForecast is a still-young start-up from Munich. Although Florian Fleischmann only founded the company in 2013, the service HR Forecast is already in high demand all around the world.
The reason: no company other than peopleForecast currently offers an intelligent algorithm that lets us take a look into the future at the human resources of tomorrow using Big Data analyses. The principle: HR Forecast constantly analyses figures, data and facts from public sources. In addition, the Munich-based company feeds its service with information from its customers. This results in huge quantities of data, from which an intelligent algorithm calculates recommendations for action for companies’ future HR planning.
Because of the extremely large quantities of data, the technology requires immense computing capacities. “Providing these ourselves would be economic madness,” says founder and CEO Florian Fleischmann. peopleForcast is therefore banking on IT capacities from the cloud for its service.

IT security takes top priority

Before now, the start-up used the cloud services of an American provider. This caused problems, especially for German customers. “We were often asked by our customers about data security and data protection,” says Fleischmann. “So we wanted to change to a provider who meets the strictest security criteria.”
This is why PeopleForecast GmbH is currently migrating its entire service to Deutsche Telekom’s high-security German computer centres – to the Open Telekom Cloud. “In addition to the data security and data protection aspect, the outstanding performance was also a factor,” says Fleischmann. “For our HR Forecast service, we often need extreme computing capacities spontaneously.” With the Open Telekom Cloud, the company can now add IT resources at any time – or cancel them, when they are no longer required.

Sales partnership planned

With the autoscaling function, this even happens automatically, if required. To enable this, peopleForecast simply defines certain rules for the Open Telekom Cloud to follow. For example, as soon as the load on the servers exceeds a certain threshold, the system automatically books additional capacities, up to a certain limit. And thanks to the pay-as-you-go principle, the company only pays for what it needs.
“The peopleForecast solutions are of course also extremely interesting to our large and medium-sized customers in Germany and abroad. With the combination of innovative Big Data technology and the scalable IT resources from the Open Telekom Cloud, I am confident that together we can be even more successful,” says Dirk Heidemann from Deutsche Telekom Partner Sales.
And peopleForecast is already planning its next step: processing statistics in virtual reality. “With the aid of VR glasses, our customers can meet in virtual rooms and analyse data together – regardless of whether they are currently at their headquarters or at a faraway location abroad,” says Fleischmann. “Such a computationally intensive application will only work with reliable computing power in the background. And we have this now; any time we need it, in real time, from the Open Telekom Cloud.”

Details on the PeopleForecast reference

With its management suite HR Forecast, the Munich-based start-up analyses the HR needs of tomorrow based on Big Data. Although it was only founded in 2013, the company is already successful worldwide and now employs 30 members of staff, from a 22-year-old maths whiz to a 75-year-old analysis pro.
  • Highly complex Big Data analyses often require extreme computing capacities spontaneously
  • Own (dedicated) IT resources would be too uneconomical
  • So the start-up used IT from the cloud of a US provider
  • Customers, however, expressed a wish for better data security and data protection
  • Open Telekom Cloud on an OpenStack basis
  • Flexible IT resources from certified, high-security Deutsche Telekom computer centres 
  • Strict German data protection
  • Hour-based billing
  • High-performance flavour – ideal for Big Data analyses
  • Data analysis with the aid of virtual reality planned in future
  • No more worries about data security or data protection
  • Even extreme computing capacities can be called up at any time, in real time
  • Automatically scalable if required
  • Solution partnership: Deutsche Telekom customers also benefit from the new, secure and innovative solution
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