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Mobile Enterprise Services

Mobile devices increase a company's productivity

Wearables verbinden
  • Wearables find their way into daily routines and facilitate and accelerate business process
  • Realtime interaction on CRM or ERP data
  • Support of workflows in production, procurement, human resources or management reporting
  • Mobilization of business processes on the basis of established standards
How can you easily manage a variety of mobile devices, apps, etc.?
The Solution: Unified Endpoint Management by Workspace ONE
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Mobile Enterprise Services

In order for knowledge workers to be networked and work together productively, they have to be able to exchange information and data anywhere and at any time and need mobile access to necessary applications.
The use of smartphones, notebooks and other mobile devices, such as wearables, has experienced a leap in growth in recent years. While sales of these end-devices are increasing steadily, the sales figures for classic desktop PCs are stagnating. Market observers are talking about the so-called post-PC era, in which mobile end-devices dominate the market. And there is also talk of the post-mobility era, in which wearables will make their way into business processes. This is one of the few cases in which the use of new technology is driven forward by consumers and employees.
The possible uses of Mobile Enterprise Services to increase the efficiency and productivity of a company are manifold. These effects are particularly great in sales and service, where mobile applications enable real-time access and interaction to all relevant CRM or ERP data. Mobile scenarios for supporting workflows - in production, sales, HR or management reporting (e.g. dashboards) - can be used profitably. The combination of machine-to-machine communication and the possibilities of big data analyses (such as predictive maintenance and enterprise mobility) in particular supports the advancing digitalization to a great extent and offers previously unimaginable possibilities for the improvement of core business. In addition to optimizing existing business processes, intelligent use of enterprise mobility can also help develop entirely new business models and establish new business processes: as the increasing use of wearables in the industrial environment shows.  

Easy and secure control of heterogeneous mobility landscape

In order to administer the various end-devices and mobile operating systems in a simple and secure manner, T-Systems offers the Enterprise Mobility Management Suite (EMM Suite for short) – customers can choose between leading MDM technologies and optional service variations (MDM – Mobile Device Management).
The EMM Suite is modular and offers customizable versions for every need. The basic version of EMM Suite comes with an affordable standard set of functions from the public cloud. The basic version can then be individually configurated with additional services to create the customized version. Deutsche Telekom manages the complete solution for customers in a private cloud. If desired, Deutsche Telekom can provide support for roll-out or take care of on-site troubleshooting (hardware break and fix). Further services can be added on request. The most extensive version lets customers choose between a variety of manufacturer solutions. This package includes a user help desk, a central Deutsche Telekom contact person for all questions and an administration service. Businesses can also book additional solutions optionally. Moreover, in this version, customers have the option of acquiring most of the applications as on-premise variant, with Deutsche Telekom taking care of management.

Mobility on the way to the multi-endpoint era

UEM by Workspace ONE - simply explained
How do you manage a variety of mobile devices, apps, etc.? The solution: Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) by Workspace ONE.
IT administrators are required to manage PCs, various mobile devices and more and more endpoints of all kinds.
Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) by Workspace ONE helps companies manage all endpoints, operating systems and apps intelligently.
Companies receive an immediately functioning standard product with freedom through care-free services and in addition the unsurpassed security of the German private cloud. Unified Endpoint Management can also be extended at any time as required, e.g. with interfaces, virus protection, support and analysis tools.

New apps for business use

In corporation with its clients, T-Systems develops a customized process for the mobilization of business processes based on proven standards. Support ranges from the initial idea to strategic mobility consultation, app development, back-end integration and cloud operation to the associated services. Following the proven plan-build-run approach, T-Systems also enables reliable usability of the apps in business enviornments – even after the development as part of the app lifecycle management.
In order to be able to securely offer a wide a range of usable mobile end-devices and integratable applications, the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary also supports use of middleware technologies. Depending on the scenario, these are implemented and operated on-premise or securely in the Telekom cloud, enabling both SAP and non-SAP applications to be integrated.
T-Systems also has a comprehensive portfolio in the mobile security area, which enables and secures end-device scenarios, e.g., for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or COPE (Company-Owned, Personally Enabled). The offer ranges from basic protection, such as mobile device management within the scope of enterprise mobility management, to dual-persona concepts (clean separation of company and personal data) and voice/data encryption. The individual components can be modularly combined as needed and can thus used for specific target groups.