WAN Solution


MPLS-based services for secure communication and data networks

  • Modular VPN services from industrial production
  • Managed service VPN with end-to-end responsibility
  • International accessibility to centralized applications
  • Data transfer in accordance with defined service classes
  • Inherent system reliability through MPLS production platform
  • Technology, processes and interfaces for VoIP integration and hybrid VPNs
  • Modular connection of public and private cloud platforms such as Microsoft ExpressRoute
Annett Claaßen - TC Solution Marketing
Annett Claaßen

TC Solution Marketing

Secure global corporate networks (WAN) with IP VPN

The foundation of the IP VPN IntraSelect solution by T-Systems is a managed VPN based on MPLS (multi-protocol label switching). It enables the prioritization of crucial applications and guarantees secure access to centralized applications and multi-cloud connections.

MPLS-based site linkage

The IP VPN IntraSelect service by is a modular toolset of connectivity solutions for site coupling, mobility and extranet. IntraSelect Fixed Connect is especially suited to connecting medium-sized and large company sites via MPLS and in any situation that demands high availability, security and transmission quality.

Cost-effective connection of small sites

IntraSelect Remote Connect connects branches, home offices and mobile employees with the
company network securely.

Fast, high-performance connection of various cloud platforms

Dynamic cloud sourcing is becoming increasingly important for IT strategies. However, companies often underestimate the complexity of achieving a secure, high-performance connection between VPN and the relevant cloud services. IntraSelect Cloud Connect is a modular cloud gateway that connects a company network to a company VPN quickly, securely and in line with the requirements of the relevant private or public cloud provider. As a result, it offers a simple and flexible solution for integrating, swapping out and consolidating cloud services.

Optimum technology mix to suit requirements

Depending on the application purpose, the main focus is often either optimum transfer performance or maximum cost efficiency. T-Systems now offers an additional alternative to established MPLS and Internet VPN platforms in the shape of Smart SD-WAN. Thanks to its centralized control and international reach, Smart SD-WAN is a highly standardized, agile VPN platform that can be used to add additional locations or network-related services virtually at the click of a mouse.

Technical specifications

Line variants
  • Fixed Connect Ethernet (up to 10 Gbit/s)
  • Fixed Connect Premium DSL (depends on local provider)
  • Fixed Connect DSL (depends on local provider)
  • 8 classes of service (CoS): Transfer of applications, differentiated by need (delay, jitter, packet loss) and definition of minimum bandwidths
  • Multi-VPN: Use of multiple logical VPNs over one access line
  • Traffic offloading: Increase in bandwidth speed for mission-critical applications through DSL traffic offloading for less bandwidth-hungry applications
  • Advanced reporting: Threshold and forecast reporting indicates bandwidth congestion
  • WAN acceleration (Application Performance Management): Up to 50-fold acceleration of applications
  • Extranet solutions: Efficient, high-security exchange of sensitive data beyond company borders
Connecting the company VPN to cloud platforms
  • Modular gateway between the company VPN and various cloud platforms
  • Multiple regional connections for short latency times
  • Compatible with custom supplier specifications
  • Connection via MPLS, Internet VPN, layer 1 connection or layer 2 connection
  • Fast relocation and consolidation of cloud services
  • Usage of new cloud services in a few days instead of months

Connecting to the Microsoft Cloud in Germany
  • MPLS-quality connection to the Microsoft Azure Cloud in Germany
  • Standardized gateway to Microsoft ExpressRoute
  • Redundant peering to Microsoft in Frankfurt and Berlin
  • High availability and connection quality
  • Cloud connection and cloud service from a single source
  • German standards, T-Systems as data custodian

Line variants
  • DSL (up to 51.3 Mbit/s)
  • UMTS/LTE (up to 300 MBit/s)
  • ISDN (until 2018)
  • Internet with IPSec encryption (bandwith Internet access-dependent)
Office Connect for branches and home offices
  • Office Connect Internet: Connection to the MPLS platform via IPSec encryption, using the customer's own Internet line
Mobile Connect for mobile employees
  • Secure client: IPSec-encrypted Internet connection to the MPLS platform
  • Secure Internet Dial/Private Dial dial-in from various devices, using mobile clients via the Internet, or mobile dial-in

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Logo VDM Metals

The customer

  • Founded in 1930
  • Headquarters in Werdohl (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
  • Twenty locations in North America, Western Europe, Asia, and Australia
  • World market leader for nickel alloys and high-alloy special stainless steels
  • Around 2,000 employees generated an annual revenue of EUR 889 million

The challenge

  • To build a managed, high-performance WAN
  • To connect 14 global corporate locations to the network
  • To operate the corporate network and eliminate any faults in it – from end to end
  • To increase bandwidths without investing in additional hardware

The solution

The worldwide production and sales locations of VDM Metals Group were networked with the German headquarters via a WAN based on MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching):
  • Stable, secure, extendable IP VPN solution from T-Systems
  • Bandwidth scaling solely through software configuration
  • Data transfer in line with clearly defined service classes
  • Fully managed service with end-to-end responsibility
  • Proactive fault detection and elimination by T-Systems

The benefits

  • High availability of business-critical applications
  • Bandwidths can be tailored to requirements
  • Contractually secured Service Level Agreements (Bronze, Silver & Gold)
  • Quality of service – prioritization of key applications
  • Secure data exchange thanks to IP tunneling
  • Comprehensive network monitoring
  • Option for further WAN optimization through application performance management
Logo Phonak
Phonak develops, manufactures and markets highly advanced hearing aids and wireless acoustics solutions. Established 60 years ago, the company is headquartered in Stäfe, Switzerland. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of state-of-the-art technologies for people with hearing impairments, plus products for studio and security communications, the tourism sector, and for noise protection. Phonak is a part of the global Sonova Group, employs more than 6,800 staff at 40 subsidiaries, and is represented in more than 100 countries.

The challenge

  • Establish a robust, high-performance corporate network
  • Streamline voice communications and data exchange worldwide
  • Migrate to a standard solution
  • Create an ICT solution that can scale in line with business growth
  • Improve support for sales by means of a centralized and harmonized IT landscape

The solution

  • Implementation and operation of an MPLS WAN
  • Centralized application operations with prioritization of time-sensitive data
  • Transfer of responsibility to T-Systems for operation of heterogeneous legacy networks (simple Internet VPN solutions)
  • Reduced latency through local Internet break-outs
  • Access speeds of 2 to 10 Mb/s, depending on requirements

The benefits

  • 24/7 availability with central around-the-clock monitoring
  • Single point of contact and service desk
  • Number of incidents and incident duration halved
  • Speed of administrative workflows doubled
  • Future-proof solution with investment protection through quick-and-simple integration of new sites in the event of acquisitions or restructuring
  • Responsiveness to changing market needs or structural changes with an impact on networks
Logo IVV
ivv is a full-service IT provider specialized in the needs of insurance companies. It currently employs approximately 370 staff, and posts annual revenues of about 85 million euro. The portfolio includes data center and network services, output management, and mobile technology and security solutions.

The Challenge

  • Upgrade the existing DSL-based data network for insurance provider VGH
  • Provide the bandwidth required for new applications for claims management
  • Roll out network solution to almost 1000 sites (for insurers VGH, ÖVB, ÖSA) outside of office hours
  • Reduce operational effort

The solution

  • New, managed IP VPN based on MPLS
  • Migration to SDSL technology at as many sites as possible
  • Simultaneous roll-out to 120 sites per month
  • Range of products: 1.5 Mbit/s, 2.5 Mbit/s, standard fixed-line connections

The benefits

  • Smooth SDSL roll-out according to a predefined schedule
  • Rapid, reliable data transfer
  • Guaranteed data transmission rates
  • Less administrative overhead through central network management and single point of contact
  • Further enhancements and innovations within the scope of long-term partnership
Schleswig-Holstein is Germany’s northernmost federal state. It has a total area of 15,764 square kilometers, and is home to about 2,780,000 people; its population density is therefore comparatively low. As a result, it is difficult for government agencies to establish effective organizational structures and to deliver high-quality services to all citizens. The Ministry of the Interior, in particular, with its broad remit, needs a powerful, efficient communications infrastructure. Its responsibilities include, for example, policing, homeland security, and regulation of the construction industry.

The challenge

  • Replacement of five independent communications networks with a single, consolidated network for both voice and data
  • Implementation of voice over IP (VoIP) at 700 sites
  • Assignment of quality of service to data and voice traffic
  • Support for closed user groups for specific agencies and sites by means of VPNs (virtual private networks)

The solution

  • Integrated MPLS voice and data network infrastructure for 80 agencies with 320 offices and 40,000 employees
  • Direct broadband connections to the MPLS backbone for all IT systems and PBXs via access routers and VoIP gateways
  • MPLS technology supports setup of VoIP and VPN connections

The benefits

  • Redundant network design guarantees 99.8 percent availability
  • Solution is audit-ready, and compliant with data-protection requirements
  • The state’s own data center can monitor and modify the network itself
  • Phone calls within the entire network are free of charge
  • Calls to numbers outside the network are routed to the closest internal PBX to ensure communications are only charged at local rates
Logo Corpus Sireo
Corpus Sireo manages real estate for insurance companies, banks and other businesses throughout Europe to a value of approximately 16.3 billion euros. It has 11 offices and almost 550 employees. It provides comprehensive solutions for the purchase, management and marketing of individual properties and entire portfolios, with a focus on adding value. Corpus Sireo provides expert advice and assistance across the entire asset lifecycle, from analysis, to procurement, to management and disposal.

The challenge

  • Poor WAN performance as a result of hosting by two providers
  • The goal was to create a fully managed corporate network providing consistently high-quality services to the entire organization
  • Internet access no longer restricted to fixed-line connections but also wireless for mobile devices via WLAN at Corpus Sireo sites
  • A need to create a fully managed system for all networks without the need for investment in new hardware

The solution

  • Consolidated, harmonized and fully managed VPN
  • Migration from MPLS Flex solution to IntraSelect Fixed Connect
  • Copper cabling replaced by fiber optics
  • Remote Connect Internet (RCI) for VPN connectivity outside corporate environment

The benefits

  • T-Systems is the single point of contact for all network issues, and provides an end-to-end solution for data and voice
  • Maintenance service with resolution within 4 hours and 98.5 percent availability
  • Bandwidth doubled for almost all sites
  • Mobile employees have access to Corpus Sireo VPN via RCI
Logo Trumpf
The high-technology company TRUMPF provides manufacturing solutions in the fields of machine tools, lasers and electronics. These are used in the manufacture of the most diverse products, from vehicles, building technology and mobile devices to state-of-the-art power and data storage.  With approx. 11,000 employees, Trumpf generated EUR 2.72 billion in revenue in 2014/15.

The task

  • Availability at all locations worldwide
  • Secure data transmission of central applications
  • Flexible bandwidths for system access and data interchange
  • Cost savings through smarter bandwidth utilization

The solution

  • Ethernet VPN over MPLS for global site connection
  • Redundant design of key components and locations
  • Data prioritization with QoS/CoS
  • Monitoring: data transfers by TRUMPF, proactive network by T-Systems

Benefits for the customer

  • Cost savings through needs-based provision of bandwidths that are utilized optimally
  • High availability ensured through monitoring, redundancy, defined SLAs as required and 24/7 service in 2nd and 3rd level support
  • Support for company growth with a flexible solution and technology consulting services
With 319,292 employees (196,856 of which in Germany) in 16 European countries, the REWE Group is a leading retail and travel & tourism corporation with brands that include the REWE and Billa supermarkets, the discount chain PENNY and the DER and Atlas travel agencies.

The task

  • Flexible, high-performance network for 7,000 supermarkets and travel agencies in Germany
  • Priority given to the transportation of critical applications (inventory management, electronic payments)
  • Defined isolated and secure possibility to include suppliers and service providers

The solution

  • Networking of the 7,000 locations based on DSL2000
  • Data prioritization and delimitation option by using the latest router technology within flexibly constructed and scalable V-LANs
  • Proactive service management through permanent monitoring of all lines and routers

Benefits for the customer

  • Provision of retail network specifically designed for the requirements of this industry.
  • Attractive price level while offering top functionality and guaranteed service/ no downtimes
  • Platforms can be expanded at any time, for example in the event of company acquisitions or new shop openings
Logo Brenntag
Brenntag is a leading global distributor of industrial and specialty chemicals, offering over 10,000 different products to more than 170,000 customers. The company operates a global network, with more than 450 locations in over 70 countries, and has a workforce of around 13,000 employees.

The task

  • Support the company's extremely flexible business model and its expansion strategy for the Asian region.
  • Reduction of fixed costs, pay-per-use costs
  • Standardization and consolidation of the entire ICT platform for Asia-Pacific
  • Maintain the security requirements for the overall group

The solution

  • Implementation of an E2E solution based on IP VPN and Application Operations for SAP Solutions
  • Delivery of services from the high-availability T-Systems data center in Singapore for nine countries in the region
  • Application-specific service level agreements from "Office" to "High-Available Disaster Recovery" based on layer 2 linkage
  • Ensure on-site services with service desk and on-site employees

Benefits for the customer

  • Lean IT: Low staffing requirements for ICT services in the region
  • Transparent pricing model, with variable costs instead of formerly fixed costs
  • Services are adapted flexibly to the business needs
  • IT complexity has been reduced
  • Concentration on core business
  • Increased business value

Ready for the future with IP VPN

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Future networks have to adapt flexibly to a company's changing needs. IP VPNs offer a simple, scalable solution to master challenges such as increasing data volumes and cross-site collaboration. They are the interface between locations, employees and applications.

Guaranteed quality and availability

IntraSelect is produced on the high-performance IP MPLS platform by T-Systems, with approx. 4,047,000,000 megabytes (4.0 petabytes) of daily IP data throughput worldwide. This backbone platform features maximum availability, a large number of PoPs (points of presence), failure safety and fast re-routing. Its global network currently consists of around 300,000 km of fiber optics and is being expanded continually and optimized for future needs. T-Systems currently manages over 1,800 IP VPNs for some 68,000 locations and 278,000 routers at its global customer sites.

Business efficiency thanks to flexible services from a single source

In addition to low implementation costs and short lead times for the integration of services, T-Systems can take end-to-end responsibility for the setup and operation of telecommunications platforms that pay off in the bottom line: customers benefit from the commercial and technical synergies of integrated solutions, individual contract terms and services that can expand and contract on demand. This flexibility is a decisive component of the best price-performance ratio.

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