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T-Systems and operational services named ServiceNow Leaders

Two leader positions awarded in the ISG Provider Lens™ for ServiceNow Ecosystem Partners

Leading service partner for ServiceNow

With two leader rankings in ISG’s Provider Lens for ServiceNow Ecosystem Partners, T-Systems and its subsidiary operational services (OS) demonstrate their knowledge and proficiency in ServiceNow.

Two-time leader in Germany

ISG Provider Lens™ ServiceNow Ecosystem Partners 2021 – Leader in Germany

According to ISG, T-Systems and OS are among the most prominent ServiceNow elite and managed service partners in Germany. T-Systems sets itself apart from the competition by being the only German provider to offer various ServiceNow Cloud models. T-Systems has pooled more than 10 years of extensive ServiceNow expertise in its operational services unit.

When providing services from the ServiceNow Cloud, T-Systems/OS supplement these with application-related elements such as the service desk, together with Level 1 and 2 support. As an alternative, T-Systems/OS offer ServiceNow including operation from an in-house German cloud. This facilitates use in regulated industries. For ISG, the GDPR-compliant data protection strategy within the ServiceNow environment from T-Systems/OS plays an important role in the positive evaluation of their ServiceNow expertise.

For German customers, no shortlist for ServiceNow projects can afford to overlook T-Systems as a candidate.

ISG benchmark “ServiceNow Ecosystem Partners, Germany 2021”

High level of ServiceNow expertise

ServiceNow Implementation and Integration Services

In particular, ISG highlights the following strengths of T-Systems/OS in the ServiceNow environment: As operators of their own ServiceNow installation, the specialists from T-Systems/OS have a substantially deeper insight into the software than their competitors. This practical experience benefits the customer during implementation. At the same time, customers are given additional opportunities for configuring the service structure. As early as the planning stages of the implementation, T-Systems/OS ensure that later installations are fit for release; this means that they can be seamlessly assimilated into operations by means of software updates, which are published at relatively short intervals.

Market leaders in implementation and managed services

ServiceNow Managed Services Providers

ISG gives verdict on the managed services sector: “For German customers, no shortlist for ServiceNow projects can afford to overlook T-Systems as a candidate.” T-Systems/OS were named most competitive among the providers evaluated. T-Systems/OS were also named market leaders in implementation.

ISG Provider Lens™ – analyst report

Read the ISG report “ServiceNow Ecosystem Partners, Germany 2021” now.

“ISG’s outstanding assessment of T-Systems and operational services comes as no surprise to me. For more than a decade, both companies have been effective drivers of digital transformation and automation within large enterprises in partnership with ServiceNow. We know that a strong partner network is crucial to our success, which is why the ServiceNow partner program is so important to us. The collaboration with T-Systems and operational services shows what can be achieved with expertise and dedicated knowledge of ServiceNow. On behalf of my team and ServiceNow, I would would like to congratulate both partners on this excellent result and I look forward to our continued collaboration”, said Detlef Krause, vice president EMEA Central and general manager for Germany at ServiceNow.

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