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ePaper: Mainframe innovation with zFuture

How companies can integrate and process their tried-and-tested mainframes into modern IT landscapes

Mainframe – the secure and stable workhorse

Almost all major companies opt for reliable mainframe platforms. However, the competition of the major computers and their incorporation into modern IT landscapes shaped by cloud computing harbors a few challenges. There is an increasing lack of trained personnel with mainframe expertise. The e-paper shows how companies can continue to operate and process critical applications on the mainframe without dispensing with the cloud.

You can find answers to important questions relating to mainframe operation here:

  • Why do mainframes continue to be crucial for many business-critical processes?
  • What challenges does the continued operation of the at least 30-year-old computer pose?
  • How can the lack of specialists, expertise and resources be overcome?
  • How will the mainframe operation be switched to uninterrupted maintenance without planned outage times?
  • How can mainframe platforms with zFuture from T-Systems find their place in modern IT and be incorporated into the cloud?


Cover and the next page as a screenshot showing the white paper:

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