Woman with smartphone looking up to office skyscrapers
January 24 2024 | Cloud Services

T-Systems receives premium supplier designation for RISE with SAP®

First time RISE with SAP to be run on a German cloud platform, compliant with German and EU data protection laws and regulations.

Cloud solution in hospital, server room in hospital, AI, Google Cloud, T-Systems, UKSH
January 18 2024 | Cloud Services

A new milestone for medicine

Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital to use solutions from Telekom and Google Cloud. T-Systems to manage the service.

Man sits with laptop in front of mountain scenery
January 10 2024 | Cloud Services

Quantum computing: Cooperation starts with market leader AQT

T-Systems customers gain access to quantum computers from European market leader AQT.

Quantum Cooperation T-Systems Anaqor
December 07 2023 | Cloud Services

Quantum computing for all

T-Systems customers gain access to ready-made quantum applications on the European PlanQK platform.

Google Distributed Cloud Hosted, GDC Hosted at T-Systems
November 30 2023 | Cloud Services

Ultra-secure, air-gapped Google Cloud

T-Systems to offer and manage Google Distributed Cloud Hosted, with strictest requirements for data residency and security.

Azure Cloud, Arrows
November 24 2023 | Cloud Services

T-Systems again Azure Expert Managed Service Provider

Audit validated T-Systems’ capabilities in delivering customer solutions and services on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Employee checks data in SAP with AWS on the computer
November 15 2023 | Cloud Services

T-Systems named AWS offering “Leader” by industry analyst

ISG Provider Lens™ – AWS Ecosystem Partners 2023: “Leader” in Consulting, Migration, Managed Services, and AWS SAP Workloads.

You can see a robot arm and graphic elements with the words "data".
October 17 2023 | Cloud Services

New digital twin offering - powered by NVIDIA Omniverse

T-Systems offers NVIDIA Omniverse, running on a sovereign European cloud platform.

 Padlock on circuit board
October 05 2023 | Cloud Services

T-Systems is expanding its Google Cloud offering

T-Systems renews Premier Partner status and adds Security Specialization to Google Cloud offering.

Transparent Cube with a Cloud inside
August 17 2023 | Cloud Services

ISG recognizes services in Google Cloud landscape

T-Systems receives “Leader” and “Rising Star” status within Google partner ecosystem by leading analyst.

Illustration of a quantum computer with IQM and T-Systems logo
July 24 2023 | Quantum Computing

T-Systems will be provided access to IQM quantum systems

T-Systems enterprise customers will have access to IQM quantum systems through the cloud.

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