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Digital Fingerprint with numbers above
November 26 2021 | Security

Is IT security all hype?

Why companies find IT security so difficult.

A hand holding a phone which shows health data
November 22 2021 | Digital

Recreating Healthcare with implantable IoT Devices

Preventive healthcare is needed to cope with chronic and lifestyle induced conditions, and IoT can help. Are you ready for this revolution? 

A woman siting on a rooftop with a phone in her hand
November 19 2021 | Cloud Services

Learnings from AWS Community Day 2021

Tune in to discover key takeaways from the event shared by T-Systems expert Rene Michal Cehlar.

Business Meeting with a Woman infront pointing at a flipchart
November 16 2021 | Cloud Services

How do you leverage the value of the cloud?

Fundamental principles apply whether you are migrating to the cloud or optimizing your existing cloud environment.

server room with a cloud
November 08 2021 | Cloud Services

The Seven Rs of Cloud Migration: Part Three

What are your migration options, and does it always make sense to move your applications to the cloud?   

IM-Charting-Success (1)
November 05 2021 | Cloud Services

The Seven Rs of Cloud Migration: Part Two

When moving your applications to the cloud, what method should you choose?

Digital depiction of an electric car
October 28 2021 | Cloud Services

What’s next for digital twins?

Digital twins in real time: the – virtually – limitless possibilities of 3D-realistic copies.

Finger points to a cloud
October 26 2021 | Cloud Services

The Seven Rs of Cloud Migration

When charting your course to the cloud, what migration method should you choose for your applications?

Woman smiling at her screen with four other people on it
October 22 2021 | Digital

Digitization has unlocked a new era of workplace optimization

It has now culminated into a shared sense of collaboration, resilience, healthy & a secured work environment.

Digital document icons in light blue on a dark blue background
October 18 2021 | Cloud Services

Digitize historic documents within AWS

Find out how AWS Textract can help you extract critical data from existing documents quickly and efficiently

View of high rise buildings with clouds refelcting in the windows
October 12 2021 | Cloud Services

Simplify multi-account governance with AWS Control Tower

Extend T-Systems’ Control Tower Automation to deploy a secure, resilient and custom-tailored Landing Zone.

Two Women are walking next to each other in an office, both are smiling
October 06 2021 | Digital

How does New Work apply to Gen Z?

T-Systems’ Chief Tomorrow Officer explains what Generation Z workers really want, and how to futureproof your businesses by asking the right questions.

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