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Money might not bring happiness, but it does make life easier. Because we want you to be able to focus fully on the tasks at hand, we support you with an attractive salary and numerous benefits.
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Our working world is undergoing a constant change process. Digitization will lead to far-reaching changes at many levels in our lives. Autonomy with respect to time management is increasingly important, people are very conscious again of personal development and evolution, and pensions are a key part of life planning. Given these vital issues and many others, T-Systems has considered its staff and offers attractive benefits:
OUR BENEFITS – T-Systems South Africa (TSSA)
TSSA offers membership of the TSSA Retirement Scheme as a compulsory condition of service to all permanent employees.  Contributions are based on an employee’s pensionable salary which is between 65% and 100% of the employee’s total package.  The employee’s contribution may range between 5% and 7.5% of pensionable salary.  The employer’s contribution (funded by the total package) is always 10%.  Employees also have to option of additional voluntary contributions (tax-free). 
Risk benefits include life cover at 5x annual pensionable salary, disability cover at 75% of monthly pensionable salary and a funeral scheme.  Employees have an option to take additional life cover as well as cover on the life of their spouse.  The fund is governed by a board of trustees consisting of employer-appointed members and employee-elected members. 
TSSA does not offer a company car scheme.  The standard practice for business travel is to use private transport and claim incidental travel reimbursement.  An employee who travel for business purposes on a regular basis, may structure a car allowance in accordance with the rules of the Receiver of Revenue. 
Employees may make use of external service providers with whom TSSA has an agreement for financial services such as short-term insurance and vehicle finance.
Employees who are members of the TSSA Retirement Fund have cover against disabling conditions as a result of accident or illness.  The cover may extend until retirement age.
Employees can take additional life cover on their own life and/or the life of their partner at group rates.  Employees have additional cover in the event of accidents whilst on business trips.
Employees all contribute to a statutory scheme which covers the employee in the event of unemployment.  The employee contributes 1% and the employer also contributes 1%.
TSSA offers a voluntary savings scheme whereby an employee can structure an additional bonus from their total package as a salary sacrifice.  The bonus is payable once a year in November. 
Employees have additional cover in the event of accidents whilst on business trips.
We encourage and demand your own initiative in terms of your personal development at every level. For more on this, go to our Entry & Development page.
TSSA offers permanent employees membership to the two largest medical aid schemes in the country.  The cover is automatic with no waiting period and may include family members. The fees are at standard commercial rates and is for the employee’s own cost.
Our benefits may be different in our European subsidiaries. Please speak to your superiors or co-workers about this.

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