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Make the most of your applications when moving to the cloud – with the right AWS Database

Database modernization – important component of a cloud strategy

Managing legacy databases ties up budgets and generates considerable efforts in the enterprise. In particular, high license costs are incurred in the long term. With the cloud-based AWS Databases such as Relational Database Service (RDS), Dynamo DB, ElastiCache, Aurora or Redshift, management efforts are minimized and you have the flexibility to scale the performance of your database based on your demand in a cost effective way. Costs can be reduced and the development of a modern IT architecture is made possible.

E-book: Cloudify your database landscape

How do you get quicker benefits from a cloud migration? Our e-book describes which potential databases have that.

Find the best database setup in the AWS Cloud

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RDS, Aurora, Dynamo DB, ElastiCache, Redshift etc. – AWS offers a wide range of databases for fast and efficient application operation. Above all, cloud-native databases are suitable for re-platforming in order to exploit cloud advantages – and to replace aging legacy databases. The right planning of your migration strategy puts your IT on a new foundation. Design your database landscape purpose-built to be application-optimized right from the start – optimally suited to the purpose it is intended to fulfill. We help you to discover the potential of AWS Databases.

Cloud-native databases are part of modern cloud architectures

Relational databases like RDS are only one of the solutions (for structured data), but not the best solution in all cases. E-commerce applications can benefit from key value DBs like Dynamo DB, in-memory DB systems (IMDB) like ElastiCache or Memory DB for Redis ensure ultra-fast response speeds. Amazon DocumentDB, Keyspace, Neptune, Timestream, and Ledger Database Service are optimized for other special applications such as fraud detection or IoT.

Comprehensive expertise for your AWS Cloud strategy

AWS Partner Network – Premier Consulting Partner

As a managed service provider (MSP) with expertise as an AWS Premier Consulting and Migration Partner, we support you when designing your cloud-native database landscape. We look for the right database for the respective application in a purpose-built manner. We help with smooth migration, optimize the database for the specific scenario and operate it.

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