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AWS Direct Connect

Establish a consistent networking experience in the cloud using the Hosted Direct Connect Virtual IP Interface

Dedicated access to Amazon Web Services

Using AWS Cloud Services reliably and cost-effectively is easy with AWS Direct Connect: The network solution offered by T-Systems helps companies to securely and smoothly connect their locations (e.g. branches or data centers) to the AWS cloud – without having to take a detour via the less reliable internet.

Insufficient data network interconnections: a hindrance to hybrid cloud solutions

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Two-thirds of all companies in Germany are now using cloud computing according to a 2019 Cloud Monitor study by Bitkom Research. In addition to private clouds, businesses are also increasingly choosing market leader AWS for their cloud mix. Many of the more advanced applications are very demanding when it comes to data transmission between the cloud and the company network. The public internet cannot offer the performance that connecting an on-premises company network with the AWS-hosted company network demands.

High-performance connection to the AWS cloud

AWS Partner Network – Premier Consulting Partner

With AWS Direct Connect – as part of its AWS Networking Services – T-Systems offers a hosted direct connect virtual IP interface for the high-performance connection of company locations to the AWS Cloud. This ensures that companies are securely and reliably connected to the AWS Cloud at all times via a robust, dedicated interconnection (peering). This interconnection is offered over the network layer (OSI layer 3) using the BGP protocol and over the physical and data layers (OSI layers 1 and 2).

This means that companies can rely on a resilient and high-performance network connection when deploying their hybrid applications. In addition, all business data is transmitted securely, cost-efficiently and in the required quality between the AWS cloud and the corporate network. Thanks to a complete end-to-end network connection, both the cloud networking products and the traditional network products from T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom are supported.

Advantages of AWS Direct Connect:

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  • Dedicated connection to the AWS cloud
  • Robust, economical, and reliable connection between your company network and your network in the AWS cloud
  • Bandwidth options ranging from 50 Mbps to 40 Gbps in connection with conventional networking products from T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom
  • Available in Frankfurt, Munich, and all other European AWS Direct Connect locations on a project basis.
  • Optional redundant connections to several AWS Direct Connect locations
  • AWS Direct Connect as an integrated networking product (Hosted Virtual DX Interface) is available both with and without managed networking services

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Network connectivity for your business

Make sure your corporate network is connected to your networks in the AWS Cloud via a robust, dedicated peering network.

T-Systems supports implementation

If required, TSI technical experts can assist with the implementation. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they can select and configure products and services to connect enterprise networks optimally to the AWS cloud. T-Systems offers advanced network consultancy and managed networking services. AWS Cloud Services thus become an integral part of a company’s future-proof IT infrastructure – with AWS Direct Connect helping to optimize and realize these services faster.

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