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AWS Networking Services

Empower your AWS usage with scalable network architectures and solutions from the cloud

Connectivity is a key factor to cloud success

Before you use the innovation, agility, and scalability of the AWS cloud, you need a connection to the cloud. Indeed, cloud connectivity is often overseen of paramount importance for digitalization. Enterprises that start their cloud journey with a design of secure and efficient network architecture, will build a solid foundation that avoids limits and empowers their business success.

Build your neural system for the cloud

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If you build a platform for connected cars, move your SAP systems to AWS, initiate a new IoT-based business or just want to develop new applications in a DevOps mode in a multi-cloud environment – a cloud strategy always implies reliable connectivity to the cloud. And it implies enterprise-grade security. Cloud connectivity has different facets:

  • It starts with a simple, but reliable connection to one or more cloud data centers
  • It is part of the basic landing zone design for the administration and security of your cloud resources
  • It ends with network services that you can use directly from the cloud

Let’s tackle your cloud network challenge

Are you looking for network specialists with experience and expertise in the network security and protocols specific to IoT?  Do you require a highly resilient network for a platform that can be implemented quickly avoiding project delays? Do you still want to continue with your current network security framework and security standards already applied in your offices, factories, and remote sites when moving to the AWS cloud? Or you simply want to establish a highly resilient and secure connection from your on-premises network to AWS resources?

Design a fit networking architecture

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We have done this before. With decades of experience in networking and as an AWS certified Networking Competency partner, T-Systems will help you design the network architecture that fits best to your demands – especially when it comes to production workloads, data security or service quality. We guide you and support you through the whole process for cloud connectivity up to managed services. We utilize AWS services and integrate third-party vendors. We create scalable, reliable, and secure network architectures that reflect cloud requirements as well as our customer’s business requirements.

Networking solutions on AWS

Establish robust cloud networks using AWS. Our experts can help you get started with AWS Networking Services in the right way. Get in touch.

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