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AWS competence for manufacturing and industrial software

Expert solutions from T-Systems offer your company a wealth of opportunities for the manufacturing and process industry.

Expert for industrial software

As AWS Manufacturing and Industrial Competency partner, T-Systems has proven to be an expert in providing software solutions for the manufacturing and process industries, especially with regard to product and production design, production and operations. Their vast cloud and IoT expertise help to improve the development process in smart factories, supply chain integration and product lifecycle management. Today, companies move away from mechatronic production toward cyber-physical systems. This movement requires innovative solutions, while maintaining maximum security.

Rollout strategies and planning

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T-Systems’ implementation package provides support for their customers from an early stage until the end of their application life cycle. Working closely with the companies – regarding design, implementation, operation, training and support – assures high customer satisfaction. T-Systems cloud experts collaborate with customer specialists to develop a solid rollout strategy. The implementation concept covers data and function migration, as well as the integration and configuration of new operating systems. End-to-end security, data privacy, scalability and a HA (High Availability) service ensure the highest standards are met.

Manufacturing industry solutions

T-Systems mixes their ICT genes with the manufacturing DNA of the customer to provide a deep level understanding of existing applications. Using this unique know-how, they fine-tune the infrastructure to have the best of breed platform to support the PLM solutions landscape within the manufacturing sector. For this purpose, T-Systems also develops platforms and solutions to manage & supply cloud-based CAD (Computer-Aided Design), CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering), CAT (Computer-Aided-Testing) systems for their global customers. These proven processes guarantee easy implementation, rapid deployment and a professional global roll-out.

Advantages of T-Systems as AWS Competency Partner

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  • T-Systems manages the whole lifecycle of your industrial software
  • Global platform operations with 24/7 support and applications management
  • Connectivity, security and seamless integration into IT Systems
  • Long term expertise in global managed IT/cloud services for industry customers
  • APN partner with different certifications

We look forward to your project!

We would be happy to provide you with the right experts and to answer your questions about planning, implementation, and maintenance for your digitalization plans. Get in touch!

Automotive industry solutions

T-Systems’ industrial software competence is particularly evident in the development and production of cars. T-Systems enables architecting and operations for cloud-based vehicle backends for OEMs, provides full scope DevOps with standard cloud services and secures the implementation of vehicle connectivity. The connected car profits from 5G-based services and the provision of development and test platforms within the cloud. T-Systems has also played a vital part in the application development and global operations of vehicle backend platforms essential for future autonomous driving.

Proven expertise for Manufacturing Software toolchain

More about AWS services and managed cloud solutions

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