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Site reliability engineering with AWS

Increase the pace of development and ensure stable operations of your AWS environment with site reliability engineering

Ensuring scalability and reliability with SRE

Strike a balance between innovation and speed with site reliability engineering on AWS. Deliver reliable applications in an agile manner on AWS Cloud with a solid SRE strategy. T-Systems is your site reliability engineering partner for AWS environments. Following an agile DevOps driven approach, our certified SRE experts work proactively to make your AWS landscape more reliable leading to better scalability and customer experience.

Site Reliability Engineering

Develop agile and operate with high quality user experience.

Get faster with site reliability engineering

In the digital world, velocity is key. Learn how site reliability engineering can help you adopt DevOps practices and speed up processes, so you can accomplish the seemingly impossible with tools you already have. Hear from our experts.

Get ready for SRE on AWS

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How site reliability engineering works?

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There are many challenges to running applications in the cloud. The focus of SRE is to make these applications reliable. SRE works at the application level and uses automation to manage the infrastructure layer.

To improve the reliability of any system, the SRE team needs to work through the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Service Level Objectives (SLOs) with the help of Service Level Indicators (SLIs) to keep the Error Budget in check.

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Dual benefits of speed and performance

Site reliability engineering (SRE) applies DevOps principles to IT operations. It develops the software engineering mindset. With SRE, agile development has the perfect partner on the operations side.

Key business benefits of SRE include:

  • Streamlined software delivery reduces time to market
  • Better throughput with increased team productivity and faster reliable delivery
  • Risk mitigation with early identification of quality concerns and gaps
  • More stable and resilient operations as changes are done systematically
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