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Growthtopia is not a destination, but a journey. We offer you a world where your horizons depend only on your imagination.

You are asking yourself, what is Growthtopia?

Well, it’s a journey of discovery and self-development where you determine your growth. We offer lots of different paths for growth, that’s not to say we are yet perfect here or even where we want to be. So let's take the journey together. Hear from some of our colleagues below on how they have grown and take the time to think what does growth mean to you?


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“What I actually do to keep on learning is teaching others. I pass on my expertise by giving trainings to colleagues and dual students. Currently, I am involved in teaching students in DevOps, demonstrating modern ways and technologies of developing applications, such as AWS and GitLab.  I love talking about problems and possible solutions with my colleagues. We particularly like this aha-moment, when you realize things can be done in a different way, better or more efficient. It can be a challenge but that’s what I like about it.”

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“Continuous learning is also part of the game. I take every opportunity to attend suitable training courses. At Telekom we have a wide spectrum of trainings to choose from. The goal is not to acquire one new skill after the other, it’s rather about picking the trainings that help you reach your individual career goals on the long run.”

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“I feel lucky to have started my career at Telekom and with this team. I'm surrounded by highly professional colleagues; I can learn from them. I had a fantastic mentor, who, apart from teaching me a lot, encouraged me from the beginning to experiment, to try to solve problems on my own and to come up with possible solutions. I might fail at first, I might mess up, I might make mistakes, but I will learn from it. The best advice I can give is to dare to try new ideas and you should never stop learning.”

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