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Managing traffic with intelligent toll systems

Car and truck traffic is increasing all over the world. Intelligent systems can help to counteract the impending collapse of the road infrastructure

Counteracting traffic chaos with intelligent technology

Truck and car traffic is set to increase further all over the world in the coming years. The result: congested inner cities and traffic jams on freeways and country highways. Intelligent toll systems with individual payment systems can help to prevent the impending collapse of the traffic system.

Road traffic continues to increase

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Road traffic is heavily increasing all over the world. According to the German National Academy of Science and Engineering, acatech, car traffic in Germany alone will rise by 20 percent and truck traffic by 34 percent, by 2020.

Even though cars and trucks today emit fewer greenhouse gases and pollutants, carbon dioxide emissions in highway transport are continuing to rise due to the growth in traffic. At the same time, billions will need to be invested in road construction over the next few years in order to prevent the traffic system from collapsing.

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Collecting tolls using satellites

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What can be done to tackle rising carbon dioxide emissions and impending traffic breakdown? We need a combination of a number of different intelligent systems: Car manufacturers are developing new technologies to reduce emissions from cars and trucks. Logistics companies are investing in IT solutions for improved fleet management. Intelligent navigation is designed to avoid congestion. On top of this, all EU states now charge mandatory tolls for road use, using a variety of toll systems.

The advantage of these intelligent toll systems: using a satellite-based system, they calculate the actual distances driven by a car or truck – i.e., the actual routes taken – and as such, enable fees to be charged on an individual basis. This in turn enables the development of fee structures according to actual use – for example, driving down a radial highway into town during the day could incur significantly higher charges than driving on the same road at night. This allows for traffic to be managed.

Satellic Tolling Platform

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T-Systems has developed a toll system with a modular structure which can be integrated into your existing IT systems. The Satellic Tolling Platform calculates and charges fees using a satellite-based system. Vehicles do not need to stop and can choose routes and road types spontaneously. Vehicle owners can log in to register their journey on a toll road online, through a device in the vehicle, or through special terminals.

  • Automatic data collection and charging
  • Easy integration into existing IT structure
  • Low investment for operators
  • May be rolled out progressively to different road types
  • Complies with the requirements of the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS)
  • Also available as cloud computing variant "Tolling as a Service"

Collecting tolls using digital technology

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