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Tolling as a Service: A new age in road charging

Motorized individual transport is increasing across the globe. Intelligent tolling solutions help to address traffic-related problems

Traffic-related problems are becoming ever more frequent

Road traffic is heavily increasing all over the world. In Germany alone, passenger transport is set to grow annually by 0.6 percent up to 2030, while road freight transport is set to grow by as much as 0.8 percent each year. This was forecasted in “Verkehrsverflechtungsprognose 2030” (Traffic Patterns Across Germany in 2030) a report by Intraplan Consult GmbH and BVU Beratergruppe Verkehr+Umwelt GmbH, which was compiled on behalf of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). Even though cars and trucks today emit fewer greenhouse gases and pollutants, carbon dioxide emissions in road freight transport are continuing to rise due to the growth in traffic. At the same time, billions of Euros in investment will be needed for infrastructure maintenance and traffic management in the coming years.

Counteracting traffic chaos with intelligent technology

Motorway with many cars in traffic jam

Solving the increasing number of traffic-related problems creates numerous challenges in the areas of traffic management, infrastructure financing, and environmental protection for policy makers, transport operators and road users themselves.

What can be done to alleviate increasing CO₂ emissions and the threat of gridlock? We need a combination of different, intelligent systems: Car manufacturers are developing new technologies to reduce emissions from cars and trucks. Logistics companies are looking for solutions that deliver optimized fleet management. Navigation and traffic control systems will help to increase the flow of traffic – both in cities and on highways. And intelligent tolling systems provide an incentive for a transformation in the mobility sector, while at the same time generating funds for the maintenance of infrastructures and the development of more environmentally friendly modes of transport.

T-Systems Road User Services - A new age in tolling

Motorized individual transport is increasing across the globe. Intelligent tolling solutions help to address traffic-related problems. In keeping with the motto “Tolling as a Service”, T-Systems Road User Services GmbH offers comprehensive and innovative services for all areas in the tolling market. 

Intelligent tolling solutions

Tolling services from T-Systems facilitate the implementation of intelligent tolling solutions on a regional, municipal, national and international level.

Intelligent truck tolling systems

View from the inside cabin of a truck with a view of the motorway

Intelligent truck tolling systems currently use satellite positioning to levy road-usage fees calculated by the distance traveled. Using this technology, changes to the toll-road network can thus be implemented flexibly and at low cost in the roadside infrastructure. From customer and contract management, to satellite-based toll detection, up to toll calculation and monitoring: the tolling services from T-Systems form the ideal basis for designing truck tolling systems that are compliant with national regulations and the European directive on the interoperability of electronic road tolling systems (European Electronic Toll Service “EETS”). The EETS directive set out the principles for creating an European Electronic Toll Service, which enables users to travel across all European toll-doamins with a single on-board device and agreement.

The T-Systems tolling solution allows national toll operators as well as private interested parties to participate in the EETS. The solution is suited for toll service providers who wish to enter the EETS market, and for established toll service providers who want to enhance their portfolios with EETS offerings.

Intelligent car tolling systems

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Today, vignettes or e-vignettes are mainly used for the barrier-free collection of road tolls for passenger cars. These are either placed on the windshield or checked against the vehicle's license plate number. The amount charged for the vignette depends on their validity period. Since time-dependent toll rates benefit regular travelers more than infrequent travelers, this type of fee collection is often regarded as unsocial and without sufficient ecological guidance. Intelligent passenger car tolling systems use smartphone apps or in-vehicle technologies to implement a cause-related levying of charges for passenger cars. With its tolling services, such as smartphone-based e-ticketing, T-Systems offers the perfect solution for flexible and cost-effective passenger car tolling systems.

Intelligent city tolling systems

Bird's eye view of a road junction at night in a city, where lines connect different points of light

An increasing number of cities are exploring the idea of an inner-city road usage fee as a means of effective and efficient traffic control, reducing environmental pollution and financing traffic infrastructures. Intelligent city tolling solutions collect road usage fees based on distance traveled or duration of stay, as well as vehicle type, emissions class, and other distinguishing factors, such as socio-political criteria. Intelligent car toll solutions use smartphone apps or in-vehicle technologies to implement cause-based charging for cars. Proven technologies for automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) are used to control the correct payment of tolls. T-Systems supports companies on their journey towards an intelligent city tolling system with solutions like e-ticketing and smartphone apps.

Automatic entry and transit control

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An increasing number of cities and municipalities are attempting to reduce air pollution caused by particulate matter and nitrogen oxide with territorially limited diesel vehicle driving bans in order to comply with emissions limits. The efficient implementation of these and similar measures requires entry and transit controls that generate minimal administrative costs and comply with applicable data protection regulations. Intelligent control systems use proven technologies, such as high resolution cameras or radio frequency identification (RFID) tag readers to determine the respective vehicle license plate and automatically check the permissability of entering restricted areas based on exception lists and vehicle owner data. Data from authorized vehicles will be deleted immediately after verification. In case of non-authorized vehicles, the data is automatically forwarded to downstream offence processing. T-Systems offers solutions for intelligent entry and transit control systems that enable comprehensive data protection and the realization of various use cases through the use of decentralized data processing technologies (edge computing). 

Next-Generation tolling

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Tolling systems in operation today often consist of outdated processes, applications and technologies that are unable to meet the demand for greater cost-efficiency, service quality and functionality. Expiring operator contracts are a good opportunity to make existing tolling systems future-proof by modernizing individual system components or entire end-to-end processes. From the utilization of individual modules from T-System’s modern and proven tolling platform, such as the intelligent map-based toll-detection module up to the operation of complete tolling services: T-Systems provides comprehensive solutions that support customer plans to modernize their tolling systems.

Tolling as a Service with the T-Systems Tolling Platform


In keeping with the motto “Tolling as a Service”, T-Systems offers intelligent and proven services for toll collection and compliance checking as end-to-end business processes. Depending on customer requirements, T-Systems can combine modules from its tolling platform to create an efficient and future-proof toll system. This will be operated by experienced teams in an SLA-compliant manner:

  • Electronic tolling services
  • Customer services
  • Customer financial services
  • Enforcement support services
  • Value-added services

Thanks to the use of standardized interfaces, the integration of the tolling solution into existing customer systems is simple. T-Systems also offers all components of the tolling platform as a Software as a Service package. With this package, T-Systems provides the software and maintenance and the customer is responsible for the business processes. If required, T-Systems can also deliver the infrastructure needed for operation, preferably as a cloud-computing variant.

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