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Greater innovation with the cloud

A recent study has shown that the cloud trend is continuing. How to kick-start business innovation with the right cloud strategy

December 07 2022Ralf Hülsmann

The cloud is changing our horizons

The growth of cloud technology has significantly altered the parameters of digitalization and increasing "cloudification", i.e. moving processes to the cloud, can be observed across all industries.

A recent PAC study of employees at major European companies from various industries shows that this creates the best conditions for innovation.

Digitalization is not an end in itself

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One of the most important findings of this study is that simply collecting and storing data is not enough!

Only by properly managing your data in advance will you be able to use it later to create value – to optimize existing processes, to improve IT systems or to develop entirely new business models.

A total of 88% of respondents therefore said they would like to make better use of their data by means of digitalization measures in order to harness the full potential of innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), the cloud, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Another advantage:

Having a solid database makes it possible to carry out analyses and forecasts that make a significant contribution to conserving natural resources and thus to greater sustainability – a goal that 66% consider to be important or very important.

The study also found that one key focus of digitalization is achieving greater efficiency and agility. In light of the complex economic situation and volatile supply chains, a total of 92% of those surveyed said that these points were among the drivers of their digital innovation efforts. It is also worth noting here that 87% consider improving their IT security to be central or important to their digital agenda, as the fear of external attacks on supply chains, business data, and production processes continues to grow.

This infographic shows the main fields of digital innovation:

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Public cloud: No end in sight


of respondents are already using public cloud services1


of participants are planning to use public cloud services1


of participants are discussing public cloud solutions at their company1

  • 1 

    A survey conducted in August and September 2022 among large European companies in various industries with more than 5,000 employees and based in the DACH region. Respondents included members of senior management, IT decision-makers, chief digital or chief innovation officers, business line managers, and similar positions.

The cloud encourages and demands innovation

IT infrastructure is the central medium of digitalization – or, to be more precise: the cloud. The majority of those surveyed have already set up cloud solutions in their own companies. Public cloud solutions in particular were popular. The study found that only a quarter of companies are not yet using a public cloud; of this reference group, however, 85% have plans to do so in the future. It is important to make the right choice as to which provider and which of the various cloud models will best suit your company.

Even from a purely technological point of view, most organizations see cloud platforms as important innovation hubs because of the flexibility they offer users. But not all clouds are created equal and the underlying IT infrastructure is sometimes very heterogeneous and complex. Public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud – not every company is suited to the same strategy. It is also important to determine whether and which of the major hyperscalers you feel you can trust as a provider.

Where special attention needs to be paid to data protection and GDPR compliance, sovereign cloud service models with infrastructure located within the EU are sometimes the obvious choice.

But which cloud model is the right fit? T-Systems ensures that customers are not forced to make any unwelcome compromises when making their choice. Thanks to our independent multi-cloud approach, we, as a cloud service provider, always select the best mix of public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud solutions and use a variety of cloud providers to provide customized solutions. The subsequent, secure operation of a multi-cloud environment calls for professional management that covers all cloud services. This, however, requires an enormous amount of resources from the IT department. Here, too, T-Systems is equipped with the right tools for the job through its broad range of Managed Cloud Services and Infrastructure-as-a-Sevice (IaaS) offers.

This model helps companies leverage the innovative potential of the cloud to drive growth, build resilience, and create new business models, all while conserving critical IT resources.

In order to tap into the full potential of the latest technologies and developments and thereby provide customers with optimal support in opening up new business models and sales markets, T-Systems does more than just constantly analyze the market: T-Systems experts work with customers to develop innovative use cases as part of Innovation Management, which actively helps to bring new ideas to market more quickly. The complete findings of the PAC study will be presented at the end of January and provide a comprehensive picture of the general opinion on further drivers – as well as obstacles – to digitalization and cloud computing.

PAC-Study: Webinar

Have we piqued your interest in the PAC study and the role of the cloud? Our webinar systematically presents the most important results for you.

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