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Seat: Supply Chain Management With Real-Time Data

Every day SEAT assembles 2,300 cars in Martorell, Spain, from 16 million individual parts

May 11 2020Hermann Hänle

Precise overview thanks to IoT solution

Around a thousand suppliers deliver to the SEAT plant in Martorell using "just in time" delivery. There, the Volkswagen subsidiary builds the Ibiza, Arona and León models, but also the Audi A1 and Q3. Every day 2,300 vehicles are put together from 16 million individual parts that come from near and far. Where they are and when they arrive is important for assembly. T-Systems is responsible for the new control center and the IoT solution behind it.

200,000 key figures in real time

Three men look at a large dashboard and follow the current movement of goods.

It looks like an airport tower, and that's what it's called: In the Control Tower, seven employees monitor the trucks on large displays – and the individual parts they are carrying. This is because each supplier transmits the parts list to T-Systems’ platform as soon as they leave. When the truck sets off, the driver sends information about his location by activating an app on his smartphone. In this way, each individual part receives a location tag. Together with information from production, the Control Tower provides 200,000 key figures in real time. “In the next step, we offer the driver alternative routes via the app,” Eva Maria Pueyo Tendero, Account Managerin T-Systems.

16 million individual parts at a glance thanks to T-Systems

Take a look behind the scenes of SEAT production in Martorell and learn how it is possible to keep track of seemingly complex processes and deliveries.

Change order later

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But the SEAT logistics team also keeps an overview in the factory. The colleagues always know where each part is located. "For the first time, SEAT now has real-time information on materials, transport and consumption in production", explains David Castilla, Project Manager at SEAT. This is how the car manufacturer is reducing production times. And his customers are also happy: they can even change the configuration of their new car after ordering. The project began as a test. It turned into an assignment. Today, around 70 percent of suppliers are connected to the system. The project should be completed by the end of 2020. Then all suppliers will work with the T-Systems’ platform.

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