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T-Systems Achieves New SAP Certification for SAP BTP

The SAP Partner also piloted the new certification—SAP BTP Operations—for the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)

March 01 2023Andreas Pfadenhauer

Everyone benefits from SAP BTP certification

How should I approach complex IT projects? What must I consider? Reliable answers to such fundamental questions are provided by SAP Partners – particularly in connection with the SAP Business Technology Platform.

It's hard to overstate the benefits offered by SAP-certified partners:  

  • SAP end users can rely on the service provider's competence; the certification demonstrates their commitment to excellence
  • SAP service providers have proof that they can meet their customers’ requirements in terms of quality, scope, and geography
  • Software solution providers can count on the optimal implementation of their products

A pilot for the SAP certification process

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A detailed certification catalog is a prerequisite for the high credibility of a SAP certification. At SAP, experts predefine which qualifications they expect from service providers, how they can demonstrate their expertise, and how the corresponding audit process will take shape. In doing so, SAP ensures that the certification process runs seamlessly and is optimally tailored to the product or topic. SAP BTP Operations is the newest certification in the SAP Certification for Outsourcing Partners program.  To test whether such a catalog of requirements is fit for purpose, SAP asks select IT service providers to pilot the certification process. To this end, SAP relies on partners with whom it has a long history of collaboration and who have already completed other certifications successfully.

An open, trust-based exchange ensures that potential weak points or uncertainties are quickly identified and remedied. Consequently, other service providers benefit from this process optimization as they follow the improved certification process.

SAP Business Technology Platform: the basis for efficient data management

Many of today's most prominent companies across the globe are SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA customers and, as such, have laid the foundation for comprehensive business transformation. Their goals include personalizing business processes, accelerating projects, and driving innovations. To this end, the SAP Business Technology Platform creates a uniform environment for efficient data usage and analytics, artificial intelligence, application development, automation, and integration.  

For SAP, T-Systems is an obvious candidate for collaboration on pilot certifications such as this: the Bonn-based company has been an outsourcing SAP Partner for over 20 years. What this collaboration looks like in practice is demonstrated by the pilot project for SAP BTP certification, for which the company enlisted T-Systems. 

Guiding the way to SAP BTP Certification  

T-Systems is also a Global SAP Partner. This status was particularly important, as right from the beginning, ensuring that the certification service was usable worldwide was essential. Before the audit began, an exchange enabled the SAP auditors and T-Systems experts to formulate their respective expectations. T-Systems also compiled numerous feasibility studies, analyses, and a spectrum of use cases for the SAP Business Technology Platform.   

After passing the audit for SAP BTP Operations, T-Systems assessed the procedure, the catalog of questions, and the audit implementation, helping SAP optimize the certification process.

Showcasing the SAP Business Technology Platform  

T-Systems Connected Greenhouse 2.0 Coffee showcase proved particularly valuable to the auditors. The example of a coffee production operation shows a digital supply chain and how connecting innovative technologies enables automation.  For example, to calculate the carbon footprint from coffee cultivation to sale. Cloud2Cloud Integration from the T-Systems Cloud of Things and the SAP Business Technology Platform provide the necessary basis for automation. 

Through the early adopter program, all stakeholders achieve their goals concerning users. SAP can offer its outsourcing partners a certification process, which has been tested in practice, runs seamlessly, and covers all important fields. And upon successfully completing the program, T-Systems became the first global SAP Outsourcing Partner to demonstrate its extensive BTP knowledge. 

Ultimately, enterprises should be able to depend on the quality of their service providers – from the beginning and throughout the entire project.

Our certifications always have a global, regional, or local focus. In the case of the SAP Business Technology Platform, among others, we enlisted T-Systems for this pilot project, as we were looking for strong partners with a global outlook."

Rudolf Scheipers, VP, Head of SAP Certification for Outsourcing Partners, SAP 

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