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T-Systems Managed Data Warehouse Service for AWS

Analyze your data with minimal time-to-insight 

July 27 2021Sushmita Kalashikar

Handle your data sets effortlessly

With a large number of businesses looking to reliably and securely manage their data in the cloud, the Managed Data Warehouse Service (MDWS) provides customers just that—a highly performant data warehouse solution offering customers the flexibility to structure it according to their business needs. T-Systems MDWS is just a stepping-stone in a larger set of T-Systems' big data services pipeline and caters to a wide range of big data problems.

PSA approved portfolio offering

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T-Systems Managed Data Warehouse Service is PSA (Privacy and Security Assessment) approved and delivers a fully integrated account with the necessary infrastructure addressing clients’ data warehousing needs. Centered around the Redshift AWS Service, it is deployable with a simple Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) template and consists of a secure configuration atop a foundation package developed by the T-Systems Public Cloud team.

It can be deployed in a larger Landing Zone solution, consisting of supporting components (such as network, ADFS), or as a single account hosting a Proof of Concept (PoC) or Minimal Viable Product (MVP) solution.

Data security comes first

Clients can use AWS services to their full potential, knowing their data is protected and secure.

The use of Service Control Policies (SCP's) ensure that no publicly available Redshift cluster can be deployed. Identity and Access Management (IAM) along with resource- and identity-based policies are also applied with minimal permissions needed to perform necessary tasks. Moreover, the Redshift cluster’s master user password is stored in a vault and the entire AWS Account including the Data Warehouse cluster is constantly monitored, to ensure security and compliance rules. Regular automated reports can be sent to highlight its use. Key Management Service (KMS) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) are enforced on all loads all production loads respectively.

Data migration and operations is a possibility

The Managed Data Warehouse (DW) service is structured in two parts. First, we have the optional Data Migration/Ingestion component which can either be a one-off migration of data into the DW cluster or be part of a managed solution where it's the only data source. Given the broad choice of potential permutations of how source data is structured, the service utilizes a “best of AWS” portfolio, giving clients endless possibilities for how to structure and consume their data.  

On the other hand, there is a permanent data warehouse solution, with/without a data migration component. Here, the client can assume responsibilities of data lineage and data governance, where T-Systems ensures the management, security, and functionality of the DW cluster only.

Analysis, monitoring, and scalability

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The DW service provides the client the ability to quickly analyze data with a wide choice of market leading applications and to run complex queries—all in a cost-effective way. Clients can automatically shut down the infrastructure when it's not needed, de-couple storage from compute, and utilize the T-Systems monitoring solutions to notify them if a specific (price) threshold is reached. In addition, scalability is inherently integrated and no down-time is required when underlying hardware is changed. These options provide clients with a well-performing system where they pay simply based on what they use and when. 

Service management 

Service Desk and a designated Technical Account Manager who helps the client once their solution is live and in production. Monthly meetings ensure that change management, reports, findings, and any other matters are addressed, and constant feedback is exchanged. In addition, performance analysis of the DW cluster (Redshift Advisor) is shared with the client, where improvement suggestions are discussed and approved for implementation.


As a potential future addition, the new service can easily be coupled with our DirectConnect offering. As a Certified DirectConnect Service Delivery partner, T-Systems can help with provisioning and maintaining a secure and stable line from the client’s data center to the AWS platform.


Off to the Cloud!
Secure migration, reliable operation and continuous innovation for SAP systems on AWS

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